U of Houston MA program

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Innovative Approach

Our innovative approach includes a wide range of paths to meet individual academic and career interests. The program pays special attention to students’ needs by offering flexibility in their curriculum, learning progress, and career goals. The program focuses on teaching Chinese as a second language with an emphasis on individualized career development. It seeks to fit the schedules and learning paces of both aspiring and in-service teachers. Scholarships are available! Please check our webpage:http://www.uh.edu/class/mcl/wcl/masters/index.php

Distinctive Features

  • Accommodates curriculum and coursework to match students’ needs and career interests with faculty expertise in applied linguistics, Chinese Literature, Chinese linguistics, language education, and world cultural studies.
  • Offers online courses that integrate in-depth second language acquisition studies and innovative classroom instruction.
  • Prepares students to creatively develop curriculum and effectively implement instruction in a student-centered environment.
  • Provides hands-on experience in designing lesson plans, conducting class activities, and creating a supportive classroom for high language proficiency levels.
  • Enhances K-12 teachers’ skill set with current education theories and research for reflection and peer learning.
  • Expands technology-based skills in teaching and learning.
  • The scholarship, Excellence in Graduate Chinese Studies, are available.

Program Course Components

The program provides maximal flexibility and a solid foundation.

  • Two courses (6 hrs.) for world cultural studies:

WCL 6351 Frames of Modernity I.

WCL 6352 Frames of Modernity II or WCL 6353 Frames of Modernity III.

  • One course (3 hrs.) in 6000-level history related to Chinese or Asian culture and language.
  • Five courses (15 hrs.) selected from 6000-level courses related to teaching Chinese as a second language. Topics include studies of second language acquisition, application of second language acquisition theories to Chinese language education, Chinese literature, linguistics, pedagogical grammar, teaching principles and models, theme-based curriculum, task-based instruction, creative use of teaching materials, language assessment, and integrating technology into the teaching of language and culture.
  • Two elective courses (6 hrs.) to fit students’ career interests taught in MCL or other departments.

Apply for the program at http://www.uh.edu/class/mcl/wcl/_docs/WCL%20MA%20Application%20Form.pdf

Deadlines for application: November 1 for Spring admission and April 15 for Fall admission.

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