Chinese Feminist and Activism summer camp

There will be a summer camp on Chinese Feminist and Activism in the great NYC area this August (24-26).

Goal and topic:

This camp aims to raise awareness and build capacity related to “Chinese feminist activism”. It’s goals are:

1/Creating the feminist community network in North America centered on great NYC area.
2/Improving the collective capability to analyze the current social issues from the gender perspective.
3/Developing the future action plan based on activism.


The camp will be structured in a participation way. The modules including:

1/ Feminist issues and the human rights situation in China.
2/ Stories of ongoing MeToo movement.
3/ Grounded activism.
4/ gender identity and sexuality.

Please join us if you:

1/Identify with feminism and social change;
2/Are able to work for projects on Chinese women/gender rights issues in the next 12 months;
3/Speak Mandarin.

We will provide accommodation and food for the closed camp.

Interested? Want more information? Please Email us a self-introduction (in Chinese) at with a subject title “2018 Feminist Summer”.


The organizers of this camp are a group of senior feminist activists based in NYC with profound experience on women and queer rights advocacy and public education in China. Email to know us.

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