Animal Writing in Taiwan Literature

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series, Issue Number 41: Special Issue on “Animal Writing in Taiwan Literature” is available now. See the link for more information. Please also see the table of contents below.

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series
Issue Number 41, January, 2018
ISBN: 978-986-350-262-3
GPN: 1010700001

Publisher: US-Taiwan Literature Foundation & National Taiwan University Press

台灣文學英譯叢刊(No. 41): 台灣文學的動物書寫專輯

Kuo-ch’ing Tu (杜國清)、 Terence Russell(羅德仁) 編
Chia-ju Chang (張嘉如), Guest-Editor (客座編輯)

Table of Contents:

Foreword to the Special Issue on Animal Writing in Taiwan Literature/Kuo-ch’ing Tu

Introduction Animal Writing: Taiwan’s Dongwu shuxie/Chia-ju Chang

Works by Liu Ka-shiang

Hill of Stray Dogs (Excerpt) 《野狗之丘》(節譯)/Translated by Chia-ju Chang & Steven Mai
The Windbird Pinocha (Excerpt) 《風鳥皮諾查》(節譯)/Translated by Darryl Sterk
Humpback Whale Halinmama (Excerpt)《座頭鯨赫連麼麼》(節譯)/Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter
Flying Away from Bird Island 飛離鳥島/Translated by John Balcom

Works by Liao Hung-chi

Fish Blood 魚血/Translated by Steven Mai
Squid Beach 魷魚灘/Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter
Coming Ashore 上岸/Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter
Periwinkle 錦葵/Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter
Merbabies 海童/Translated by Andrea LingenfelterKoxinga

Works by Wu Ming-yi

國姓爺/Translated by Darryl Sterk
The Compass of the Soul 往靈魂的方向/Translated by Darryl Sterk

A Work by Lee Chiao

A Sacrifice to the Asuras 修羅祭/Translated by Kevin Tsai

Animal Poems by Kuo-ch’ing Tu

A-he, A-he 阿河,阿河/Translated by Kuo-ch’ing Tu
My Grief –In Memory of Argus 我的憂傷—悼阿佳斯/Translated by Kuo-ch’ing Tu
Reincarnation of the Three Realms–After Watching the Movie God Man Dog 三界輪迴—《流浪神狗人》觀後/Translated by Kuo-ch’ing Tu

Bunun Animal Stories by Hengsyung Jeng

Ten Bunun Animal Stories 布農動物故事十則/Translated by Hengsyung Jeng

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