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Cornell’s Contemporary China Initiative, a weekly lecture organized and hosted by professor Robin McNeal, is now in its third year, and has accumulated a substantial number of digitized, hour-long talks that may be useful to list members.

At the CCCI repository, there are talks by Sebastian Veg (on intellectuals in the contemporary public sphere), Magnus Fiskejö (on the show trials of Hong Kong booksellers), Paola Iovene (on the trope of ), Wendy Su (on the PRC film industry and Chinese soft power), Yiyun Li (on her book Dear Friend, migration, and language), Leta Hong Fincher (on leftover women 剩女), Carlos Rojas (on 马华文学), myself (on literary copies, prose poetry and imitation architecture) and a lot lot more. Other talks range from economics to power politics, but I’ve already gone on too long. The full archive resides here:


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