ACCL presidential election results

Dear all,

The voting period for the election of the next ACCL president has concluded. In all, we received 177 valid votes from North America, Europe, and Asia—a number that Michelle Yeh and Xiaomei Chen (who have tabulated the votes for the past several election cycles, describe as “unprecedented” for ACCL). The vote was also unusually close, with the runner-up receiving 85 votes, and the winner receiving 92.

Please join me in congratulating Daniel Fried as the next ACCL president! His term begins immediately. I would also thank Mingwei Song for accepting the nomination, and for his many years of service to ACCL. I’m delighted that we had two such strong candidates, and such a competitive election.

Finally, I would like to thank Michelle Yeh and Xiaomei Chen for, once again, tabulating the vote. As ACCL continues to grow, this biannual task is becoming more and more time-intensive!

I hope many of you will be able to join us for the next ACCL conference in 2019!

take care,


carlos rojas
duke university

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