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Association for Asian Performance (AAP) Sponsored Sessions
at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) 2018 Conference

AAP invites full paper panel and multidisciplinary session proposals that explore the 2018 ATHE theme and its manifestations in Asian performance, including but not limited to performance traditions of Asian regions and the theory, practice, and/or pedagogy of Asian performance from transnational and multidisciplinary perspectives.  We encourage and welcome creative engagements with the 2018 ATHE theme.  To learn more about the AAP and membership benefits please visit the AAP website: www.yavanika.org/aaponline/.

Conference Dates and Location
AUGUST 1 – 5, 2018

Submission Deadline
November 1, 2017 (midnight, Central Time)
(complete session proposals and technology requests; direct submission at athe.org)
Guidelines for submission (with link to online form) is at http://www.athe.org/page/18_home

Conference Theme:
(See complete statement of conference theme at http://www.athe.org/page/18_home)

The 2018 ATHE Conference focuses on revolution, resistance, and protest, and the multiple ways these ideas – and the actions that spring from them – impact theatre in higher education. Drawing on the city of Boston for its historical significance in the American Revolution, and as a site of both academic excellence and artistic innovation, we aim to explore revolutions at the multiple intersections of politics, theatre education, and professional practice.

The conference theme invites examination of ways in which electoral representation resonates with theory and practice in theatre-making: How does representation in politics relate to equitable and fair casting and employment practices? How do changing practices require revolutions in production methods and pedagogies? How might theatre scholarship serve a meaningful public function, engaging with performances – both artistic and civic – that surround us? How might we create art that is aesthetically revolutionary and that at the same time activates audiences to make lasting social change?

For Pre-Submission Consideration

  1. “Single Focus Group Sessions” on the online application form refers to paper panels and roundtable discussions with AAP as the only sponsor.  Proposals (with all members assembled) should be submitted directly to ATHE by November 1, 2017.  But please make sure to submit a copy of your complete proposal to Xing Fan [stars.fan@utoronto.ca] prior to November 1 to secure sponsorship.  This is for planning purposes.  Technology requests after November 1 will not be considered; please follow instructions on application form to make appropriate requests.

  2. “Multidisciplinary Sessions” must be sponsored by at least two Focus Groups.  Proposals (with all members assembled) should be submitted directly to ATHE by November 1, 2017.  Each group must be contacted and approve the submission with their names attached.  Please make sure to submit a copy of your complete proposal to Xing Fan [stars.fan@utoronto.ca] prior to November 1, 2017 to secure AAP’s sponsorship.  Technology requests after November 1 will not be considered; please follow instructions on application form to make appropriate requests.

  3. Deadline to apply for grants is also November 1, 2017.

  4. For 2018 ATHE, participants will only be able to present in total of two ATHE concurrent sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions
(Collectively composed by Emily Wilcox [AAP’s President, 2015–2017], Tarryn Li-Min Chun [AAP’s VP for AAP conference planning], and Xing Fan [AAP’s VP for ATHE planning]).

Q: What are “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE”?  And how are they related to the “AAP conference”?
A: Association for Asian Performance (AAP) is a focus group of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).  “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE” take place during the ATHE conference, as concurrent sessions with other sessions sponsored by the other, more than twenty focus groups.  In 2018, the ATHE conference will take place August 1–5.  “AAP conference” is the annual conference of AAP.  It takes place in the pre-conference slots of ATHE and in the same venue; in 2018, it will be on Aug. 1–2.

ATHE and AAP require separate registrations; we invite and encourage colleagues to attend both.  For inquiries about “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE,” please contact Dr. Xing Fan [stars.fan@utoronto.ca]; Xing is AAP’s VP for ATHE planning.  For inquiries about the “AAP conference,” please contact Dr. Tarryn Li-Min Chun [tchun@nd.edu]; Tarryn is AAP’s VP for AAP conference planning.

Q: What is the timeline and procedure of selecting proposals for “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE”?
A: The proposal deadline for “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE” is November 1, 2017.  The ATHE planning team will pre-screen proposals and compile a list of pre-approved sessions for focus groups’ further consideration.  The AAP board will rank sessions collectively.  Based on the ranking results, the ATHE planning team will make final decisions and final announcements.  The 2018 ATHE planning team will make final announcements in February 2018.  Note that, according to the experience of 2014-2017, final announcements are communicated as early as in late February and as late as in early April.

The CFP for the “AAP conference” is announced in the spring of 2018.  Please be assured that our two VPs are working closely together to ensure that the proposals not included in ATHE will get a chance to be submitted to AAP.

Q: May I submit proposals for both “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE” and the “AAP conference”?
A: Yes!  There are two ways to do this.  1. You may submit two separate proposals for different papers (or sessions), one in the fall for “AAP-sponsored sessions at ATHE” and a second in the spring for the “AAP conference.”  If both proposals are accepted, you may participate in both conferences.  2. You may submit a proposal for an “AAP-sponsored session at ATHE” in the fall and wait to see if it is accepted.  If it is not accepted, you may resubmit the proposal to the “AAP conference” in the spring.

Q: How may I anchor my paper in a good place?
A: Please consider the following steps to anchor your paper in a good place.  1. Circulate an abstract or an idea through the AAP listserv, aap-l@lists.hawaii.edu; colleagues with similar research interests may organize a cohesive panel.  Please know that you do not need to be an AAP member in order to send a message to the group.  2. Brainstorm your ideas through the AAP Facebook page by posting an idea or abstract on the discussion board.  3. Send an abstract or an idea to Dr. Xing Fan [stars.fan@utoronto.ca]; she will be more than happy to announce it for you.

Xing Fan
Assistant Professor of Asian Theatre and Performance Studies
Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies
University of Toronto
214 College Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto ON M5T 2Z9, Canada
Office phone: 416-978-6032

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