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Dear MCLCers,

The Los Angeles Review of Books will launch its new China Channel this fall. The China Channel will host a broad range of writing and multimedia about China and the Sinophone world, with an emphasis on literature and culture, and will be accessible to a general audience.

As a commissioning editor, I invite you to pitch and submit essays, book reviews, and multimedia content. Please send your ideas and work to

Feel free to email me as well at I look forward to reading/seeing/hearing your submissions.

Anne Henochowicz

Dear China Blog Readers,

Thanks to a generous seed grant from the Henry Luce Foundation as well as support from the Los Angeles Review of Books, the “China Blog” will be morphing into a freestanding magazine within the magazine. The LARB China Channel will join a set of pre-existing LARB Channels (these vary widely as you can see by clicking here), so we will be in good company. We are very excited about this — “we” being the following team of editors:

Alec Ash (Managing Editor)
Anne Henochowicz and Nick Stember (Commissioning Editors)
Eileen Cheng-yin Chow and me (Academic Editors)
Mengfei ChenMaura Cunningham, and Jason Y. Ng (Advising Editors)
Olivia Humphrey (Assistant Editor)

Stay tuned for details, as we gear up to launch in the fall. The spirit of the new publication will be a lot like that of the China Blog, though with more and much more varied content. We will be working to complement rather than duplicate other good things going on in cyberspace, and to collaborate as much as possible with kindred spirit publications of the sort the editors have written for, in some cases worked for, tweet links to regularly, and so on.

If you have ideas for pieces, the best place to send a pitch is to this general editorial email address:

Best wishes,
Jeffrey Wasserstrom

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