Stand, special issue on Chinese writing

Stand Issue 213, Volume 15 Number 1

Cover image by Ruihua Zhang

Stand Issue 213, Volume 15 Number 1 (March – May 2017)
Chinese Journeys: a special issue on new Chinese writing featuring poetry, prose, translations and commentary

Table of Contents

Frances Weightman, Editorial

Yan Ge 颜 歌, The Panda Suicides

Wang Xiaoni 王小妮, trans. Eleanor Goodman, Two Poems

Helen Mort, Two Poems

Wu I-Wei 吳億偉, trans. Conor Stuart, Collecting Gods

Dorothy Tse 謝曉虹, trans. Natascha Bruce, The Man Who Ate Everything

David Tait, Four Poems

James Shea, Three Poems

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Ankle-Deep Red Firecracker Papers

Writing Chinese, Translating Poetry

Chi Lingyun 池凌云, trans. Luisetta Mudie and Helen Tat, Poem

Qin Xiaoyu 秦晓宇, trans. Jia Liu and Luisetta Mudie, Poem

Xu Xiangchou 徐乡愁, trans. Theresa Munford and William Wallis, Poem

Steve Ansell, A Director’s Journey: Four Hundred Years of Dreaming

Murong 慕容雪村, trans. Harvey Thomlinson, Dancing Through Red Dust

Kavita A. Jindal, Two Poems

Sarah Howe, Poem

Jeremy Tiang, 1997

Jeremy Tiang, Naming Rights

Paper Republic, The Translation Process

Li Jingrui 李静睿, trans. Luisetta Mudie, One day, one of the screws will come loose

Jennifer Wong, Two Poems

Bertrand Mialaret, The Market for Chinese Books:

Writing Chinese, Publishers’ Views

Writing Chinese, Literature for Children and Young Adults

Chinese Books for Young Readers, Interview

Wang Youxuan王友轩, Six items of calligraphy

Additional Contributors

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