Asiascape, 4.1-2

Special Issue Asiascape: Digital Asia – China Contributions

List members may be interested in our new special issue of Asiascape: Digital Asia, on the theme of ‘digital disruption’. The issue includes several China-related contributions, such as Pan Weixian’s study of ‘Under the Dome’ and its relevance for image capture and smog iconography, Michael Keane and Chen Ying’s article of innovation in China’s digital cultural industries, Marina Svensson’s account of how Weibo and Weixin are changing field-work experiences in China, and Jack Qiu and Lin Lin’s discussion of Foxconn’s ‘iSlavery’.

The issue also features two longer book reviews that may be relevant to list members: a discussion of Michel Hockx’s Internet Literature in China (by Heather Inwood, Margaret Hillenbrand, and Gong Haomin) and my own review of Internet, Social Media, and a Changing China (ed. by deLisle, Goldstein, and Yang).

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