European Foundation Joris Ivens online film exhibition

Dear List Members,

The European Foundation Joris Ivens curates a monthly film/art exhibition featuring a piece of work created by a new or relatively unknown filmmaker here:

We are running out of curators and film/art works and would love to welcome your suggestions. Please see the description of this series from the EFJI website:

What is Politics and Poetry?

Each month a guest curator presents a piece of (film)art, made by a new or relatively unknown filmmaker, with both poetic and political qualities.

Joris Ivens was a political filmmaker and a poetic filmmaker altogether.. “What all my films have in common is that people are moved by something. Moved by their desire for freedom, moved by water, moved by the wind. I don’t think there is any difference between Ivens filming the wind or Ivens filming revolutions,” said Ivens himself in 1976. In light of this thought, we created this space for (film)artists working in the field of “Politics and Poetry”.

Even though we will work with different curators each month, please feel free to suggest your own film or piece of art. You can also present yourself as a curator if you consider a film or piece of art relevant to the theme of “Politics and Poetry” and hence warrant more critical attention.

Please contact Harko Wubs, Coördinator of EFJI at if you or anyone you know might be interested in curating for the series.

Warm regards,
Liang Luo <>
University of Kentucky
Board Member, EFJI

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