Yang Jiang lecture

Yang Jiang Lecture at the Chinese Literature Translation Archive at the University of Oklahoma Library

Last year the University of Oklahoma Chinese Literature Translation Archive (https://libraries.ou.edu/content/cltarchive)  hosted its first visiting scholar lecture on the topic of Howard Goldblatt’s translation of Yang Jiang’s short novel” Six Chapters from My Life Down Under.” The talk by Helen Xu of Nanjing Normal University reveals just a taste of what is possible when scholars have access to the papers of translators. The Archive (which has collected the papers of Howard Goldblatt and Wolfgang Kubin and includes significant portion of Wai-lim Yip’s papers) will soon officially announce its latest major acquisition: the scholarly library of Arthur Waley. Here is a link to Professor Xu’s lecture hosted on Youku with subtitles:


Jonathan Stalling <stalling@ou.edu>

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