Hurt the feelings of the Chinese people (1)

Many thanks. There was also a related article by David Bandurski:

“Hurting the feelings of the ‘Zhao family.'” China Media Project, 2016-01-29.

It is “interesting” to also note that this script of “hurting the Chinese peoples’ feelings” is not the one forced onto Chinese people who have chosen another citizenship: The bookseller Gui Minhai (and old friend of mine) who is a Swedish citizen, instead was instructed to renounce legal aid from his adopted country and union (my country, my Union — Sweden is a Member State), in his staged, extra-legal show-trial styled “confession” televised in January, after he was first mysteriously disappeared from Thailand in October, three months before. Swedish and European Union authorities have protested and have demanded to see him, but have been denied by the regime so far which as outrageous as anything else they do.

ps. F Y I, a related event here at Cornell day after tomorrow:

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