If you came here from Basic Income News…

First, greetings.

Welcome to my pseudo-professional website, which is currently serving a placeholder for the official Internet hub of things Kate McFarland related.

Given my active role in Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and other basic income groups, I expect that most people who Internet-stalk me these days are looking for information about basic income.


Note that this blog itself might be devoted primarily to philosophy, philosophy pedagogy, and more general issues related to higher education (some of which, of course, might well overlap with my basic income writings)–insofar as it gets used at all.

If you’re looking for basic income things on the web–and, in particular, basic income things that somehow involve yours truly–here are some other places to check out:

1. Basic Income News (a division of Basic Income Earth Network). This is primary gig. When I’m not writing, I’m often reviewing other articles, training new volunteers, and producing and distributing documents for internal use. My own news posts can be viewed here. Also check out the BIEN Facebook page, where I’m an editor and frequent poster.

2. On the domestic front, check out the US Basic Income Guarantee Network for news and education (I’m probably responsible for majority of the Facebook-posting that happens here), and the National Campaign for Basic Income for political action. The NCBI, a PAC, is still in its infancy, but promises an exciting journey. I’m not a major Facebook-poster there, but I am among its founding members, and I help with some backstage organizational work for the group.

3. Lastly, for more about me, from my own voice, follow my BI-related presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon. (Likely, there will be more to add here in the nearish future, such as Medium or another blogging site external to BIEN–but that’s all at the moment.)


No Teaching in Autumn 2016

I am happy to report that I’ve requested, received, and accepted a reduction in workload for autumn semester — a self-funded partial sabbatical, if you will. I will not be teaching, but will just be performing part-time administrative work for the Department of Philosophy. I still plan to collaborate with my colleagues in building shared folders of teaching materials, especially for the Engineering Ethics course.

To see what I’m often working on when I’m not working for Ohio State, follow me on Basic Income News.