“Mobile air quality monitoring for local high-resolution characterization of vehicle-sourced criteria pollutants” (NEXTRANS Center; $105,300; Co-I with Dr. Gajan Sivandran (PI), Dr. Rabi Mishalani, and Dr. Mark McCord)

“Inter-comparison of Methods for Quantifying Black/Elemental Carbon in Biomass Burning Emissions” (NOAA FIREX; $332,528; 3 years; PI with Co-PI Dr. Gavin McMeeking of Handix Scientific, LLC)

“Quantification of Tailpipe Emissions from Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Vehicles during Engine Restarts” (OSU CAR Membership Program; $40,000; 1 year; PI)

“Incorporating Citizen Science into Real-Time Sensor-Based Estimates of Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure (NSF EAGER: $99,613; PI with Co-PI Dr. Ayaz Hyder of OSU College of Public Health)

“Sleep Loss and Environmental Exposures in Asthma Patients (SLEEAP)” (OSU Discovery Themes; $24,250; Co-I with Dr. Karen Dannemiller (PI), Dr. Matt Sullivan of OSU Department of Microbiology, Dr. Jessie Castner of the University of Buffalo)

“Modelling Human Exposure and Cancer Risk using Abrasive Wear Tests to Assess Sustainability of Consumer Products Fabricated Using High-Volume Urethane Polymers” (OSU Discovery Themes; $25,000; Co-I with Dr. Linda Weavers (PI), Ms. Marcia Nishioka of OSU College of Public Health, and Dr. Peter Anderson of OSU Department of Materials Science and Engineering)


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