8/2017: Anjelica joins the group!

7/2017: Dr. May (in collaboration with Dr. Jordan Clark) is awarded funding through ASHRAE to evaluate particle sensors for indoor air quality monitoring and smart building systems.

5/2017: Ehsan joins the group!

3/2017: One of Dr. May’s projects (in collaboration with Drs. Mark McCord and Rabi Mishalani) is mentioned in a press release from OSU Transportation and Traffic Management.

2/2017: Dr. May and Dr. Hyder are mentioned in an NIEHS newsletter regarding their participation in a roundtable hosted by the South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub.

1/2017: Olivia joins the group!

12/2016: Nancy graduates!

11/2016: Nancy successfully defends her MS!

10/2016-11/2016: Hanyang goes to Montana to participate in the first lab portion of FIREX.

9/2016: Emma (officially) joins the group!

8/2016: Dr. May (in collaboration with Dr. Ayaz Hyder from the OSU College of Public Health) received a NSF grant related to Citizen Science. For this project, they will collaborate with Hilliard-Davidson High School’s Engineering Design and Development class to deploy low-cost air quality sensors throughout the district.

8/2016: Hanyang and Johnson join the group!

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