U.S. Border Barriers & Department of Homeland Security Waivers

California  .jpg  .pdf
– San Diego waivers  .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 2/13/19]
– Duke Calexico waiver 9/12/17  .jpg  .pdf

Arizona  .jpg  .pdf

New Mexico
– Nielsen Santa Teresa waiver 1/22/18  .jpg (summary map)  .pdf  (w/ photos & waiver text) [updated 2/6/18]

– Starr County .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 3/18/19]
– Hidalgo County  .jpg (summary map)  .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 3/18/19]
– Cameron County forthcoming
– land behind border barriers .pdf [updated 4/11/19]

Comparison of laws covered by all eleven legal waivers to-date .pdf  [updated 2/13/19]

summary handout 8.5″ x 11″ .pdf [updated 11/18/18]

Note that mileage calculated from maps created prior to Dec. 2017 (i.e. state-wide CA & AZ maps above and summary handout below) over-estimate actual distances due to a projection error.  Percentages are still largely correct, however.  Corrected maps are forthcoming.

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