Past Courses

Sociology 3410: Teaching Assistant for Criminology (1 semester).

Sociology 2309: Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Law and Society (1 semester).

Research Projects

I train and mentor undergraduate research assistants in various capacities as part of two research projects and a summer research program. I also advise them on the transferability of research skills to most careers, allow them to focus on aspects of the research process they want to develop, and notify them of various research opportunities.

Graduate Research Co-Leader on project titled, “Police Violence: A Shift toward Impacts on Black Women” for undergraduate research assistants.

Students involved in this project are learning key (qualitative) research skills:

  • Transcription
  • Qualitative Coding and Data Analysis
  • Writing Memos
  • Online and In-person Recruitment
  • Literature Reviews

Graduate Research Co-Leader on project titled, “Born Disadvantaged: Community Incarceration and Birth Outcomes in Ohio Counties” for an undergraduate research assistant.

Students involved in this project are learning various (quantitative) research skills:

  • Data Entry
  • Literature Review
  • Analyzing Data in Stata

Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Dana Haynie, helped advise a Summer Research Opportunities Program student in developing his own research project.

Left to right: Dr. Dana Haynie, Jacob Kepes, Scott Duxbury, and Sadé Lindsay