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Mike Vuolo, Bradley R. E. Wright, and Sadé L. Lindsay. “Inmate Responses to Experiences with Court System Procedural and Distributive Justice.” Forthcoming in The Prison Journal.

Duxbury, Scott W., Laura C. Frizzell*, and Sadé L. Lindsay*. “Mental Illness, the Media, and the Moral Politics of Mass Violence: The Role of Race in Mass Shootings Coverage.” (*equal authorship). Forthcoming in Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.

Manuscripts in Progress

Lindsay, Sadé L. and Mike Vuolo. “Drug Epidemics and Moral Panics: A Mixed Methods Approach to Examining the Role of Race in Responses to Substance Abuse.”

Lindsay, Sadé L., Qi Li, and Cynthia G. Colen. “Born Disadvantaged: Community Incarceration and Birth Outcomes in Ohio Counties.”

Frizzell, Laura C. and Sadé L. Lindsay. “Racial Projects in the Era of Colorblindness: Does Media Framing of Mass Shootings Impact Punitive Attitudes?”

Lindsay, Sadé L.* and Laura C. Frizzell*. “When Muslimhood is Protective: Black Women and Police in the U.S.” (*equal authorship)