Our Approach

We have been assigned the task of building a model AEV that will be the basis of a design for public transportation from Linden to Easton and Polaris. The origin area has faced little economic momentum in the past years, and our hope is to develop a safe, affordable, and energy efficient vehicle that will give the city of  of Linden and the surrounding areas more freedom, economic opportunities, and a greater contentedness to the Columbus area. (3)

We have several main priorities in our creation of this prototype:

  1. Our vehicle’s design and safety/control mechanisms go above and beyond the required standard and provides the securest ride possible.
  2. The AEV is a low-energy consumer that will leave the smallest ecological and economic footprint on the city of Columbus.
  3.  Our vehicle prototype is completed and tested below our 500k dollar budget. Our current goal budget is 100k.

These priorities will be reached through our thorough testing of the prototype’s control system before the final run, development of code that requires a low-energy input to the model, and the design of a minimalist and affordable exterior.


Team P of Koffolt Properties will strive to create a AEV model that reflects the high quality, safety, and inventiveness characteristic to the rapidly developing and evolving city of Columbus.


(3) This section references the MCR outline provided to each team by the Ohio State University Department of Engineering. Citation can be found in the References Section.