Our group at Ohio State’s ElectroScience Lab is carrying out inter-disciplinary research at the intersection of electromagnetics, circuits/electronics, and medicine. Our research lies on wireless implants and wearables for unobtrusive monitoring of several bodily functions and vitals. Among others, we specialize in flexible textile-based electronics, bio-electromagnetics, and antennas and RF circuits for several body area applications (healthcare, sports, child monitoring, military, emergency, consumer electronics, etc.).

      Active collaborations are in place with the Ohio State Depts. of Surgery, Chemistry, Neurological Surgery, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Sports Medicine, among others.


Research Highlights


Wireless and Battery-less Brain Implants

Flexible E-Textile Antennas and Sensors


Power Generation via Fabric Electrochemistry

Stray Energy Transfer during Electrosurgery


In-Vitro and In-Vivo Testing





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