Director and Lead Investigator, OSU Food Innovation Center. . . 2009 to present
This $3.75 million Center addresses global food issues. Feeding the rapidly growing world population (a projected nine billion by 2040) requires a 40% increase in world food. The Center attracts 370 experts from 15 colleges to solve the food crisis. This university will hire 380 new faculty members in the next decade in three discovery themes: Food, Health and Sustainability. Director Lee helped win Ohio Center of Excellence stature from the state, advancing the 10-year strategic plan for higher education. http://fic.osu.edu

American Council for Education (ACE) Fellow, 2009-10
Nominated by President E Gordon Gee to a one-year fellowship at the U of Wisconsin System with President Kevin Reilly. The ACE Fellows Program® is the nation’s premier higher education leadership development program preparing senior leaders to serve American universities since 1965.

Director, Ohio State Food Safety and Security Center, CFAES, OSU, 2005-09
Leader of an Ag Bioscience Center, $400k /3y, to help commercialize bioscience technologies. A coauthor of the six college Targeted Investment in Excellence winning $4.7M /5y for public health preparedness.

Professor and Chair, Department of Food Science and Technology, OSU 1990 – 2005
Built a world-class program in food science. Hired 15 faculty members, including two endowed chairs. Helped mentor faculty advancement resulting in 14/15 successful tenure or promotions. Launched a campaign for a new $17.5M building that was occupied in 2001. Academic leader of the development campaign that earned $12M in private gifts for the building and endowments, scholarships and multipurpose gifts. Nominator colleagues for major awards, leading to ten years consecutive wins from professional societies. Provided national visibility including election to the Board of two societies and chairing national committees. Lee helped restructure several academic units under a single mission to forge a high stature program.

Interim Director, Ohio State University Food Industries Center 2001-02
Outreach and engagement to the food industry, the largest contributor to the economy in the manufacturing sector. Advanced relations with the Ohio industry and obtained federal funds specific to food R&D ($1.2M).

Associate Professor of Food Science, Dept. of Food Science, UW-Madison 1985 – 1990

A coauthor for the Wisconsin National Dairy Center idea with Norm Olson. The chair of the Research Advisory Committee for the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research.

Assistant Professor of Food Science, Dept. of Food Science, UW-Madison 1980 – 1985
Tenured based on research excellence. First at UW-Madison to extend a popular high enrollment course on cable television, attracting more than 1000 students per semester.



  • New York IFT Scholarship 1974; Florasynth Fellowship 1978. Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma, Phi Tau Sigma.
  • Robert Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award 1985.
  • GM Trout Distinguished Lecturer 1990.
  • Elected Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists, 1997.
  • Ohio State University Commencement Address Dec. 7, 2001.
  • OSU Extension Diversity Enhancement Award, 1999.
  • National Institute of Food Technologists Carl R. Fellers Achievement Award, honoring the one individual who brings honor and recognition to the profession in 2007.
  • Elected President of Phi Tau Sigma, ΦTΣ – The Honorary Society of the Food Science Profession, 2011-2012.
  • Harold Macy Food Science and Technology Award for outstanding technology transfer, The Minnesota Institute of Food Technologists, 2014.


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists
  • American Institute of Nutrition
  • American Chemical Society
  • Institute of Food Technologists
  • Phi Tau Sigma

College and University Service

University Senate Steering Chair, elected two sequential terms, 2014, 2015. Sets the agenda for the senate comprised of students, faculty, deans and administrators.

Twice elected to Senate Steering, 2012-2016. The senate’s committee on committees.

Research in View Advisory Committee, 2014.  Appointed by Provost to find a replacement for RIV, the annual performance review system for university faculty members.

Elected to Ohio State Senate, Rules Committee Member, 2011-13. Author of teaching rule for P&T.

CFAES Diversity Catalyst Team, 2007-p. Help ensure diversity is a core value of our college.

Food Policy Faculty Search Committee, John Glenn School of Public Policy, 2011-12.

Seiberling Endowed Professor Search Committee Chair, OSUFST, 2014.

Ronald Harris Distinguished Excellence Award, 2004-8, 2011-14.

Department committees include Sensory Search, Executive, Awards, Harris Award, Outreach Co-chair.

Chair, College Promotion and Tenure Committee, Reviewed 13 promotions and the tenure of six new college department chairs.

Elected Ohio State Senate, Fiscal Committee Member, Central Distributions Subcommittee, 2008-11.

The Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility member, 2009-11.

Chair, University Senate Faculty Hearing Committee, 2007-8. Conduct hearings on faculty appeals of promotion, tenure or other non-renewal cases. This 24-member committee serves as an independent review body that helps ensure integrity of personnel actions. Invited to address the Sept 2008 Senate orientation on best practices.

Senate Fiscal Committee (2008) providing oversight of the university budget. Also appointed to Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (2008) ensuring a fair hearing of appeals.

Chair, Ohio State Senate Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC), 2003-4. Recommended to the Senate resolutions of support or opposition of legislation affecting higher education. Worked with the office of the Vice President of Government Relations to advance issues. Facilitated effective communication of legislative issues. The LAC passed two resolutions ratified by Senate in 2004..

OAA Departmental Teaching Excellence Award Committee, 2004. Selection jury for meritorious academic units. Lee was an author of a successful nomination that made food science one of the only six academic units (out of 105) at Ohio State to win this department-wide recognition for excellence.

OSU Student Judiciary Panel, 2006-p. Hearings on non-academic student misconduct. Panels consist of one faculty, one staff, and two student members meeting whenever a student requests a peer (rather than administrative) judgement.

Public Health Preparedness, Targeted Investment in Excellence Steering Committee, 2006-p. Administer a $4.7M competitive award to achieve preeminence in public heath. Created twelve new faculty positions appointed across six colleges, affiliation by 128 established faculty members. Our objective is to raise the stature of the university and improve the human condition with scholarly solutions to public health, infectious disease and food safety.

Academic Leader, Campaign for Food Science, 1995-2000. A private sector campaign to raise $6.2 million in gifts supporting a major capital investment in food science. Provided leadership to an academic, industry and alumni partnership to raise requisite funds. We exceeded the building fund goal by 100%, raising an additional $6M in gifts for two more endowed chairs, scholarship funds, and multipurpose gift and endowments ensuring future support for excellence in food disciplines.

Board of Directors, Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) Edison Industrial Systems Center, Toledo, OH, 2007-present. CIFT administers a $1.7m federal special appropriation to assist food industry competitiveness. More than 35 sponsored projects at OSU were completed through a decade in this partnership.

Center for Food Defense, 2004. Led a five university team for a post-harvest food defense center in response to a call from the Department of Homeland Security. Lee was the proposed center director leading a team from Ohio State, North Carolina State University, The University of Georgia, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Michigan State. This team was one of three finalists.

Professional Activities

Elected Positions

  • Conference Chair, Northern Regional Research Center, 1982
  • Program Chair, Wisconsin IFT, 1982
  • Chair, Wisconsin IFT, 1983
  • Councilor, National IFT 1984-1990
  • IFT Committee on Nominations and Elections (1990-93)
  • IFT Executive Committee, 1996-98
  • President, The Food Update Foundation, 2000-1

Appointed Positions

  • Conference Chair, Midwest Food Processing Conference, 1984
  • Chair Wisconsin IFT Nominations 1988
  • IFT Science Communicator, 1980-90
  • IFT Long Range Planning Subcommittee, 1987-89
  • Chair, IFT Long Range Planning Committee, 1990
  • Chair, OSPA Journalism Awards Jury (1989-91)
  • IFT Headquarters Committee (1990)
  • IFT Strategic Planning Ad Hoc (1990)
  • IFT Washington Presence (1990)
  • CRC Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Editorial Board, 1987-p
  • Chair, IFT Chang Award Jury (1993, 1994)
  • IFT Annual Meeting Committee, 1994
  • Chair, IFT National Awards Committee, 1996
  • Aspen Publishing Company Editorial Board, 1995-02
  • Food Update Foundation Board of Directors, 1996 to present
  • National Academy of Sciences Doctoral Review Planning Committee, 1996
  • Chair, Samuel Cate Prescott Award 1997
  • Chair, Task Force on Leadership Through Education, 1997
  • IFT Outcome-based Education Committee, 1998
  • AACC Professional Development Panel, 1999
  • Chair, IFT Consumer Outreach Task Force, 2000
  • Chair, IFT Consumer Enhancement and Communications Task Force, 2001
  • Food Advisory Committee, Toxicant and Contaminants Subcommittee, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2002-2006
  • Senior Food Officials Committee, 2002-06
  • Cornell University food sciences comprehensive external review team 2004
  • Virgo Publishing Company Food Science Advisory Board, 2006-p
  • Lifelong Learning IFT Management Committee, 2007
  • Chair, IFT Continuing Education Advisory Committee, 2007
  • IFT Fellows Task Force, 2008
  • Phi Tau Sigma Finance Committee 2012
  • IFT Fellers Award Jury Chair, 2012