Tuesday July 19

Party On!

Tonight, we will have a party in the performance hall. There will be appetizers and cash bars. You each received a free drink ticket in your registration packet. There is dancing in the performance hall with live music by the Money Rider Band, and we also have the plaza.

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Airport Shuttle Buses leave from the union this afternoon.  They will leave from the Union and the Blackwell tomorrow.  You need to choose a bus at the signup at registration, even if you registered online.  The online registration was only a way to gauge need.

The drivers will do their best to make each trip departing hourly, at 3, 4, and 5 this afternoon, and at 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 tomorrow.  However, they cannot control traffic.  If you are concerned and on a tight schedule, you should arrange a taxi or uber.  We suggest you plan to get a bus at least two hours before your departure.

Dorm Checkout

Be sure to return your keys and card at Smith-Steeb Hall, where you checked in.  The desk is open 24/7.  Check-out no later than 3 pm today, and no later than 11 am tomorrow.


You can keep your luggage in the Archie Griffin Ballroom today.  just be sure not to block doorways, aisles, or food service access (black curtains).


Airport Shuttle

You can by return tickets at the registration desk or at the shuttle.

Priority seating goes to people who signed up.  Please be sure to signup.  At this time we have capacity, but if there are excessive walk-on purchases, we may not have enough buses.

Welcome to IV STEP!

It is here! We welcome you all to the conference and look forward to an exciting few days of learning and shaping the future for the better.

Last Minute Details

Parking & meals for dorm residents

if you are driving and didn’t purchase parking passes ahead of time, we will have some available for purchase onsite.  Likewise, if you hadn’t signed up for the meal plan, there are a la carte options available; it is too late to arrange for additional meal plans because these used swipe cards, and our deadline has passed for getting any more of these setup.

Dorm rooms

On the lodging details page it explains how to get a dorm room.  At this point only singles can be booked and the rate is $76/night.

Abstracts and Handouts

Abstracts and handouts have been posted.  You received a password for the handouts last week.  The handouts are set with security settings that prevent any alterations or copying.  You can print them, but you will not be able to make any changes to the pdf itself, nor will you be able to copy images.  This is necessary because this is copyrighted intellectual property of the presenters and portions of these presentations are to be published after the conference.  The handouts are for your personal educational use only and are not to be shared or redistributed in any way.

Shuttle Reservations Closed

Airport Shuttle Requests Closed

Airport shuttle reservations are now closed

A shuttle will run every half hour starting at noon and the last bus departing at 6:30 PM

Each bus has a max seated passenger capacity of 35 – somewhat less with luggage.

According to sign-ups to date, we expect 15-20 passengers per trip, so there is room for walk-ons.

You will signup for return service at the conference.  Busses will depart Tuesday at 3, 4, and 5 PM

On Wednesday morning, busses will depart at 6 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM, and 10 AM.

If these times are not suitable, you will want to reserve a taxi.

Zoo Event

As part of IV STEP, the group will be having a fun evening event at the Columbus Zoo. The Columbus Zoo, also known as Jack Hanna’s zoo, is one of the top 10 zoos in the nation and will host a terrific party! The afternoon/evening event includes transportation, park admission, appetizers, dinner, networking, and special animal encounters. Visit the Columbus Zoo website. The cost is $100. The IV STEP Committee must provide event guarantees in June, so be certain to register soon – there will be no onsite registration! You can sign up for the Zoo Party when you register for IV STEP or add it to your existing registration by Dialing APTA’s Member Services at  800-999-2782 and requesting extension 3210 or 3155.



If you would like to purchase a t-shirt with the IV-Step logo as a memento of the conference, we are taking purchases now. You can purchase more than one in various sizes.

If you are staying in the dorms and you want to order a t-shirt, please use the following link:


You can modify your existing reservation to add the purchase of your shirt on the merchandise page.

If you are NOT staying in the dorms and you want to order a t-shirt, please use the following link: