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IV STEP 2016
July 14 – July 19, 2016

The Pediatric and Neurology Sections are planning for the IV STEP Conference, a summer institute for clinicians, educators, and researchers designed to explore new theory and research evidence related to movement science, and to translate this theory and evidence into physical therapy practice for individuals of all ages with neurologic disorders.  IV STEP will foster, guide, and affect neurologic physical therapy practice over the next decade.

IV STEP will focus on four “Ps”: Prevention, Prediction, Plasticity, and Participation as they relate to the roles and responsibilities of today’s physical therapists.  Personal interactions and dialogues will be an integral part of the conference.  Active engagement learning experiences will assist participants in exploring, understanding, and applying these principles to their daily practice.  IV STEP attendees are expected to serve as change agents for the profession.


The conference will consist of a combination of events.  There will be plenary sessions where all participants come together to discover the state of the art from leaders in the field.  In addition to plenary speakers, the planning committee is collaborating with pediatric and neurologic residency programs in the development of patient cases which will provide the foundation for multiple conference discussions.  Through workshops and breakout sessions, these cases will allow the participants to apply their new knowledge in concrete ways to define best practice going forward.

You can see the program here:  http://u.osu.edu/ivstep/program/

A list of the speakers is here: http://u.osu.edu/ivstep/speakers/


There will be a poster session featuring research from attendees on Sunday Evening from 5 – 7 PM.


The online process for sponsorship opportunities is now closed, except for two option, (1) the purchase of mailing lists for the attendees, and (2) distribution of flyers at the event.  If interested in a these options, please click here.

If you are hopeful to become a sponsor, please contact Sandy Rossi at the APTA, ivstep@apta.org, to see if any last minute opportunities remain.


Please see the registration page

Zoo Event

As part of IV STEP, the group will be having a fun evening event at the Columbus Zoo. The Columbus Zoo, also known as Jack Hanna’s zoo, is one of the top 10 zoos in the nation and will host a terrific party! The afternoon/evening event includes transportation, park admission, appetizers, dinner, networking, and special animal encounters. Visit the Columbus Zoo website. The cost is $100. The IV STEP Committee must provide event guarantees in June, so be certain to register soon – there will be no onsite registration! You can sign up for the Zoo Party when you register for IV STEP or add it to your existing registration by Dialing APTA’s Member Services at  800-999-2782 and requesting extension 3210 or 3155.  Zoo registration closes June 27th.


The Neurology and Pediatrics Sections of the APTA appreciate your interest.

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