Welcome to this website at the Ohio State University! The research group is led by Dr. Nan Hu from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE). Considering structural design in a multidisciplinary setting, we are interested in the conceptual development and characterization of structural components using mechanical instabilities such as buckling to enable adaptive feature beyond their traditional roles of carrying loads. Guided by a combination of theoretical analysis, simulations, and experiments, we aim to integrate those developed structural concepts into the development of resilient materials, devices, and systems across a wide range of length scales.

We seek to build a diverse team of researchers who have a strong enthusiasm for structural design, analysis, and mechanics. General information for graduate admission is here: CEGE and MAE. Prior degrees in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and/or engineering mechanics are preferred. Candidates with a background in applied mechanics, computational modeling, topology optimization, advanced fabrication and/or biomimetics, are highly encouraged to contact Dr. Hu regarding the availability of graduate research assistantships/fellowship. Undergraduate students at OSU or from other peer institutions are welcomed to join the lab for participating at least a semester-long (e.g. summer) research internship. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability status. Please send your resume to Dr. Hu at hu.1773@osu.edu. 

Founded in 1870, The Ohio State University has grown into one of the largest campuses in the US (Virtual Tour). OSU is placed among top 100 universities in the world under all major ranking systems (ARWU, 79; QS, 88; Times 72; U.S. News 43). OSU’s graduate engineering program is ranked 29th among all US institutions (MAE 24th and CEG 39th, Chinese Intro). OSU is located in the fast-growing Columbus with a population over 800,000, which is the second largest city in the Midwest (after Chicago) and the 15th largest city in the U.S. – comparable to San Francisco. On top of many accolades, Columbus is working toward being America’s first smart city.

Please come and visit us! Go Bucks!


Updates & Milestones

10/30/18: A project on sustainable building materials led by Dr. Hu was funded by the OSU Center for Applied Plant Science (CAPS)

10/18/18: A internal grant on civil engineering graduate student ethics leadership (Lead: Denver Tang) was awarded by the OSU Fisher Leadership Initiative (FLI).

09/06/18: VSL welcomes back Anthony from Cristo Rey High School for his work-study program! News

09/04/18: A internal grant on the Artificial Floating Island Test Garden (Lead: Jake Boswell) was awarded by the OSU Discovery Theme SRE.

08/21/18: AU18 term is kicking off today. Dr. Hu will teach Structural Engineering Principles.

08/17/18: VSL welcomes Chunping working toward the Ph.D. degree in civil engineering and Brady, Yan working toward the master degree in civil engineering!

07/17/18: Dr. Hu joins the ASCE SEI Bioinspired Structures Committee.

05/27/18: Dr. Hu joins the ASCE EMI Stability Committee.

05/23/18: VSL welcomes Andrew, Grant, Ilana, Jiawei, Mary Grace and Michael who will work as undergraduate research assistants for 2018 summer term!

05/15/18: Our first conference paper is accepted to be orally presented at the IASS 2018 Symposium. Well done, team!

05/01/18: Dr. Hu will serve as a STEP Faculty Mentor at OSU for the 18/19 academic year.

04/18/18: A proposal in collaboration with Dr. Jake Boswell and Dr. Lisa Burris on the Artificial Floating Island Test Garden was awarded by the Ohio State Sustainability Fund.

03/27/18: Our very first abstract has been accepted for a regular oral presentation at the IUTAM Symposium on “Architectured Materials Mechanics”. Way to go, team!

03/23/18: Dr. Hu was selected as a fellow in the Ohio State Teaching Enhancement Programs (OSTEP) for the 18/19 academic year. News Coverage

03/01/18: Dr. Hu was invited to present his work on postbuckling of cylindrical shells at the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Smart Vehicle Concepts Center.

01/24/18: Dr. Hu submitted his very first NSF proposal to CMMI ECI Division. Finger crossed 🙂

01/09/18: VSL welcomes Anthony Ulloa from Cristo Rey High School in Columbus who will work as visiting research assistant!

01/06/18: VSL welcomes Burak and Megan who will work as undergraduate research assistants!

01/06/18: VSL welcomes Amal as our very first graduate student working toward the master degree in mechanical engineering!

12/28/17: Dr. Hu joins the STEAM Factory at OSU.

12/05/17: Dr. Hu completed his first course (CE/ME 5162 laminated composite) as the instructor after joining OSU.

11/21/17: Dr. Hu submits the very first internal grant proposal to BETHA.

09/25/17: Dr. Hu is given a Category P faculty status by the Graduate School and becomes eligible to advise master and doctoral students in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at OSU.

09/10/17: Dr. Hu was selected as a fellow to participate in the Faculty FIT program sponsored by UITL for the 17/18 academic year.

09/01/17: VSL launched the group website!