Student Services Staff


The Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Student Services Office offers advising for programs contained within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  These programs include: Athletic Training, Health Information Management & Systems, Health Sciences, Medical Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiologic Sciences and Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, MS in Allied Health, PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Aging or Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness minors.

 Academic advising is a professional partnership between the student & advisor.  Advisors are full-time professionals that are experts in the HRS professions with experience in student development.

Currently, all advisors in HRS have received at least a Master’s degree in Higher Education or a related field.  In addition, all have completed training and professional development through OSU’s Office of Undergraduate Education.


The Student Services Office is the primary academic advising office for students enrolled in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The Student Services Office serves students preparing to apply to one of our programs & provides advising services to current students enrolled in the program.  We serve as resources for students who need referrals, need a university policy explained, need an advocate, need assistance with degree exploration or planning, and students with many other various needs.


Our advisors are:

Lisa Terek

Breanna Falb

Christie Lukegord

Jenna Russell

Sam Walter


We are aided in our delivery of services by additional staff in our office such as:

our graduate studies academic coordinator- please contact

our administrative associate- Kelli Williams

our admissions coordinator – Allison Breitfeller,

and our student workers.


Every week advisors hold drop-in hours and are available for advising appointments. Drop-in hour times are sent to students in the weekly emails.