Radiologic Sciences & Therapy


Observation Hours

  • This link provides instructions for signing up for observation hours at the Wexner Medical Center.

Documentation of Hours

  • This form must be completed before the application deadline and submitted to HRS from the observation site.


Volunteering Etiquette: An appointment is required to complete your observation therefore do not just appear at a site to volunteer without prior arrangements. You are a guest in the hospital or clinical where you are completing your observation so professional behavior is required. Follow these rules:
  1. Dress is business attire –clean dress clothes that include pressed pants (no designs, holes, or patches) and a dark top that completely covers your chest.
  2. Report to the area in a timely manner and use professional language – please and thank you.
  3. Only enter areas that you are invited into by a supervising staff member
  4. The use of cell phones in FORBIDDEN –turn the cell phone on vibrate and do not text or communicate with others during your observation.
  5. Conversation about patients is restricted to a staff member outside the examination room and FORBIDDEN in public areas.