Links to Articles Available in full from past issues of Financial Counseling and Planning Journal

Links to Articles Available in full from past issues of Financial Counseling and Planning Journal


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Directions for Research on Financial Counseling and Planning

Sherman Hanna (Vol. 8(1), 1997)

Saving and Financial Planning: Some Findings from a Focus Group

, Arthur B. Kennickell, Martha Starr-McCluer and Annika E. Sundén (Vol. 8(1), 1997)

Emergency Fund Levels: Is Household Behavior Rational?
, Y. Regina Chang, Sherman Hanna and Jessie X. Fan
(Vol. 8(1), 1997)

So What? And Other Responses To Research.,
Sherman Hanna (Vol. 7, 1996)

Why Do Women Invest Differently Than Men?,
Vickie L. Bajtelsmit and Alexandra Bernasek ( Vol. 7, 1996)

Factors Related to Risk Tolerance.,
Jaimie Sung and Sherman Hanna ( Vol. 7, 1996)

Determinants of Couples’ Defined Contribution Retirement Funds,
Yoonkyung Yuh and Sharon A. DeVaney ( Vol. 7, 1996)

Home Ownership and the Decision to Overspend ,
Chandrika Jayathirtha and Jonathan J. Fox ( Vol. 7, 1996)

Multiple Imputation in the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances,
Catherine Phillips Montalto and Jaimie Sung ( Vol. 7, 1996)

Effect of Financial Concerns Upon Workplace Behavior and Productivity,
Flora L. Williams, Virginia Haldeman and Sheran Cramer ( Vol. 7, 1996)

The Negative Impact of Employee Poor Personal Financial Behaviors On Employers,
E. Thomas Garman, Irene E. Leech and John E. Grable

“Optimal Life Cycle Savings” ( Vol. 6, 1995)

Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University

Jessie X. Fan, University of Utah

Y. Regina Chang, University of Missouri

“Economic Adjustment Strategies of Farm Men and Women Experiencing Economic Stress”

( Vol. 6, 1995)

Sharon M. Danes, University of Minnesota

Kathryn D. Rettig, University of Minnesota

“Investment Portfolios and Human Wealth” (Financial Counseling

and Planning, Vol. 6, 1995)

Hye-Kyung Lee, The Ohio State University

Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University

The Usefulness of Financial Ratios as Predictors of

Household Insolvency: Two Perspectives

SHARON A. DEVANEY, Purdue University (Financial Counseling

and Planning, Vol. 5, 1994)

“Financial Counselors: The Need Has Never Been Greater”

(Financial Counseling and Planning, Volume 4, 1993)

JERRY MASON Texas Tech University

“Patterns of Overspending in U.S. Households”

(Financial Counseling and Planning, Volume 4, 1993)

MIKYEONG BAE Gyemyung University

SHERMAN HANNA The Ohio State University

SUZANNE LINDAMOOD Attorney; Columbus, OH

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