Contents of Issue 1 of the 1997 volume of Financial Counseling and Planning

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 8 (1), 1997


Directions for Research on Financial Counseling and Planning

Sherman Hanna

Saving and Financial Planning: Some Findings from a Focus Group

Arthur B. Kennickell, Martha Starr-McCluer and Annika E. Sundén

Mandatory Financial Counseling for Bankrupts in Canada

Sue L.T. McGregor and Ruth E. Berry

The Role of Financial Counselors in Long-term Health Care Planning

Phillip Fuller, Emily Norman Zietz and Roger Calcote

Financial Planning for Retirement by Parents of College Students 25

Kelly J. Todd and Sharon A. DeVaney

Children’s College as a Saving Goal

Seonglim Lee, Sherman Hanna and Mulya Siregar

Adequate Emergency Fund Holdings and Family Type

Sandra J. Huston and Y. Regina Chang

Emergency Fund Levels: Is Household Behavior Rational?

Y. Regina Chang, Sherman Hanna and Jessie X. Fan

A Model of Desired Wealth at Retirement

Charles B. Hatcher

The Home as a Wealth Preserving and Accumulating Asset:

A General Formulation and Balance Sheet Application

Ivan F. Beutler and Floyd W. Yorgason

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