Klingander, 11(2)

Klingander, B. (2000). Swedish consumers’ experiences of financial counseling. Financial
Counseling and Planning, 11
(2), 65-76.

Swedish Consumers’ Experiences Of Financial Counseling

Birgitta Klingander1

This article reports on Swedish consumers’ experiences of financial counseling, based on a field
study of 173 households and a follow-up survey of 93 persons. Forty-eight percent said they were
helped in contacting the parties concerned and 34% stated they made such contacts after counseling.
The advice given focused on budget planning. However, after counseling, 30% said they had made
plans. The consumers wanted solutions to their debt problems. Only 14% said they had been given
help with debt reconstruction. The effects of the counseling seem to have faded with time.

Key words: Debt problems, Household budget, Financial counseling, Financial management,

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