Hanna, 11 (1)

Hanna, S. D. (2000). Award winning authors. Financial
Counseling and Planning
, 11(1), iii-iv.

Award Winning Authors

Sherman D. Hanna1

There is a subjective element in choosing which manuscripts will be
included in a refereed journal. The standard process in research journals
is a double blind process to increase the chance of fairness, and the editors
I know do their best to choose competent reviewers. I realize, however,
that many frustrated authors may wonder about the process. Financial
Counseling and Planning
is an interdisciplinary journal, so I cannot
be certain that all decisions are reasonable.

There are some sources of external validation, though, for instance,
when authors have won or later win awards. I thought of this recently when
a representative of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP )Board contacted
me about two articles that had each won a $1,000 prize awarded for outstanding
articles related to financial planning. Both of the award-winning articles
appeared in Volume 10 (1) of Financial Counseling and Planning,
Cooley, Hubbard and Walz (1999) and Lee and Hogarth (1999). I went through
old “About the Authors” in previous issues, and also searched the CFP Board
web site, and found a large number of awards from different sources going
to authors of articles in this journal. Some of the awards were for articles
in other journals, some were for dissertations, and some were for conference
papers. Some of the awards were received before the authors published an
article in this journal, and some were received after the author had published
in this journal. I listed some of the awards in Table 1. There are many
other awards not listed, as I limited the entries to ones with multiple
winners among authors who have published in this journal.

Clearly, even this limited sample of awards shows the impressive array
of authors who have published in
Financial Counseling and Planning.
There are many other excellent authors who have not received awards, partly
because there are more awards related to financial planning than there
are awards related to financial counseling. The number of awards should
instil some confidence in the reviewing process.

This issue has a variety of topics, including some not previously covered.
The article by Lown and Su should remind us that AFCPE is an international
organization – the “A” does not stand for American. The increasing need
for financial counseling and planning around the world will increase the
importance of comparative studies. Just as other countries can benefit
from lessons learned in the United States, educators and researchers in
the United States should benefit from research and position papers related
to other countries. Other articles in this issue have a variety of topics
and approaches, some quantitative and some qualitative, some empirical
and some theoretical. As usual, the authors have an impressive list of
accomplishments, as can be seen in the “About the Authors” section in this

Table 1

Selected Awards Won by Authors of Articles in
Financial Counseling
and Planning


Award Recipients Who Have Published in Financial
Counseling and Planning
Dissertation Award of the American Council
on Consumer Interests
Jessie X. Fan 

Jonathan J. Fox

Charles B. Hatcher

Eun-Ju Lee

Catherine P. Montalto

Jing J. Xiao
Certified Financial Planner Board Award for
Best Article (including awards tied to ACCI, ACFPE, and general selections
by the Board.)
M. J. Alhabeeb

Peng Chen

Philip L. Cooley

Sharon A. DeVaney (5 times)

John E. Grable

Sherman D. Hanna

Gong-Soog Hong

Carl M. Hubbard

Craig Israelsen

So-hyun Joo

Constance Kratzer

Deanna Sharpe

Ya-Ping Su

Jing J. Xiao

Daniel T. Walz
Applied Consumer Economics Award of the American
Council on Consumer Interests
Sherman D. Hanna

Jeanne Hogarth

Jinkook Lee

Kathryn D. Rettig

Michael L. Walden (3 times)
McGraw-Hill Award for paper presented at
the Academy of Financial Services meeting
Regina Chang (2 times)

Jessie X. Fan (2 times)

Sherman D. Hanna (2 times)

Premal P. Vora
Texas Instruments Award for a paper presented
at Academy of Financial Services meeting
Jonathan J. Fox

Sherman D. Hanna

Catherine P. Montalto (2 times)

Yoonkyung Yuh


P. L., Hubbard, C. M. & Walz, D. T. (1999). Sustainable withdrawal
rates from your retirement portfolio. Financial Counseling and Planning,

J. & Hogarth, J. M. (1999). Returns to information search: Consumer
mortgage shopping decisions. Financial Counseling and Planning,

1. Sherman D. Hanna, Professor, Consumer Sciences Department,
The Ohio State University, 1787 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210-1295. Phone:
614-292-4584. Fax: 603-457-6577. E-mail: hanna.1@osu.edu



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