1996 AFCPE Conference Proceedings Table of Contents

1996 AFCPE Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents

Proceedings of

The Association for Financial Counseling

and Planning Education,

1996 Annual Conference

November 13-16, 1996

Note: Not all workshops and presentations had papers published in the Proceedings. See the Program Schedule for a complete listing of the program.

Families with a Negative Net Worth: Choice

or Circumstance?

Michael S. Finke and Peng Chen

Using PowerPoint to Augment Personal Finance

Textbook Information.

Rosemary Walker

A Real-Option Approach to Evaluating Human

Capital Investment: The Case of College


Sheng-shyr Cheng

Use of Automated Teller Machines by Students

in the Social Service Professions: Do Attitudes

and Intentions Make a Difference?

Gail Heidemann and Aimee D. Prawitz

Investment Simulations: A Case of Profit or


Jamie Huyer and Deanna L. Sharpe

A Computer Program for Life Cycle Portfolio


Sherman Hanna and Peng Chen

A Program for Calculating the Value of

Lost Home Production Services of Parents.

Sherman Hanna, Jaimie Sung, and Peng Chen

The Personal Money Management Profile

(PMMP) Revisited.

Margaret Fitzgerald, Debra Pankow, and

Jill Fugleberg

Financial Clinic: Description of Operations, Marketing, Content, and Evaluation.

Flora L. Williams

Factors Associated with 401(K) Plan


Jing J. Xiao

Financial Management Strategies for Al-Anon


Al-Anon Family Group Members – Dian and Bobbi

Judith R. Urich

Counseling the Unemployed: Implications for Practitioners.

Barbara O’Neill

Intrahousehold Change in Debt, 1983-1989.

Deborah D. Godwin

Collaborative Advantage for Financial


Jane Schuchardt

The Personal Financial Management

Project of the Military Family Institute.

Raminder K. Luther, E. Thomas Garman, and

Irene E. Leech

Personal Financial Management Assistance


Iris Bulls

Equity Mutual Funds and Individual

Investor Behavior: The Mix Between

Reality and Perceptions.

Paul L. Camp

Financial Goal-Setting: A “Hands-On”


Barbara O’Neill

Making 401(K) or 403(B) Decisions.

Patricia Q. Brennan

Financial “Jump Start” for Youth.

Jane Schuchardt and Rosella Bannister

Retirement Accounts: High Returns

with Safety.

Peng Chen and Sherman Hanna

Budget in a Box: Low Tech–High

Touch Budgeting.

Diane E. Johnson and Jean Clements

A Working Woman’s Guide to Financial


Barbara Dahl

Alternative Tax Solutions: Definition

and Detriment.

Tiffanye Porter Sledge

Financial Wellness: Strategies for

Diagnosis and Prescriptions at Wellness


Flora L. Williams

Most Important Source of Retirement

Income: Do Future Expectations and

Financial Preparation Matter?

Sharon DeVaney and Ya-ping Su

Risk Scale for Young People.

Vicki R. Fitzsimmons

Money After 60: Financial Concerns

of Older Americans.

Barbara O’Neill

Can We Afford One Parent at Home?

Nancy Bolitho, Sally Borie, and

Michael Huerwitz

The Web: Promises and Pitfalls

for Personal Financial Planning.

Y. Regina Chang, Sherman D. Hanna,

Sandra J. Huston, and Jing J. Xiao

Helping People Understand Financial


Debra Bryant, Jane Schuchardt, and

Frederick E. Raffety

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