Recent graduates of the Consumer Sciences Graduate Program

Recent Graduates of the Consumer Sciences Graduate Program
Su Yun Bae, PhD, 2017, Assistant Professor, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, Bowling Green State University in Ohio (adviser: Bujisic)
Chelsea Blackwell, PhD, 2016, Instructor, Ohio State University (adviser: Rudd)
Vanja Bogicevic, PhD, 2017, Lecturer at The Ohio State University (adviser: Kandampully)
Whitney Brumley, MS, 2014, Event Assistant, Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago
Cheuk Hee (Michael) Cheung, PhD, 2016, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ohio State University (adviser: Yilmazer)
Jiaxing Cheng,MS, 2017
Mei-Fang Chiang, PhD, 2012, Instructor, Deakin University in Australia (adviser: Montalto)
Ji Hee Choi, PhD, 2017 (advisers: Bujisic and Seo), as of Autumn 2019, Assistant Professor, City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College
Hye Yoon Choi, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, Ohio University(adviser: Kandampully)

Tae Im Han, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University (adviser: Stoel)
Jennifer Harmon, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming (adviser: Rudd)

Stuart Heckman, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University(adviser: Montalto)
Eun Sol Her, MS, 2016, PhD student, Purdue University (adviser: Seo)
Eunice Hong, PhD, 2015, is an Associate Research Fellow at the Korean Women’s Development Institute (adviser: Hanna)
Songyee Hur, MS, 2014, PhD student, University of Tennessee-Knoxville (adviser: Stoel)
Jichul Jang, PhD, 2013. Assistant Professor, Kansas State University(adviser: Kandampully)
Iva Jestratijevic, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas (Advisor, Rudd)
HoJun Ji, PhD, 2012, Lecturer at the Ohio State University, and a CPA at his firm, JC TaxPros Group, Inc. (adviser: Hanna)
Gui Jeong Kim, PhD, 2017, Senior Researcher, Samsung Life Insurance (adviser: Hanks)
Kyoung Tae Kim, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama (adviser: Hanna)
Pielah Kim, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Management, Philadelphia University (adviser: Stoel)
Jae Min Lee, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Mankato (advisers: Hanna & Stafford)
Da Lei, MS, 2016, Corporate Management Trainee (Voyager), JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
Jung Eun Lee, PhD, 2013, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech University (Adviser: Stoel)
Jodi Letkiewicz, PhD, 2012, Assistant Professor at York University (adviser: Fox)
Han Na Lim, PhD, 2013, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University(adviser: Montalto)
Fen Liu, PhD, 2014, AVP Risk Modeler, JP Morgan Chase (adviser: Yilmazer)
Yan Liu, PhD, 2015, User Experience Researcher, LeEco US, Le Technology, Inc. (adviser: Kandampully)
Shuyuan Luo
Yujin Chung Moon, PhD, 2018, (adviser: Bujisic)
Travis Mountain, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech University(adviser: Hanna)
Boram Park, PhD, 2014, faculty, Singapore Management University (adviser: Stoel)
Hyejin Park, MS, 2014
Hanna Paulose, PhD, 2017, PHD Researcher at World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (advisers: Bujisic and Scharff)
Botong Shang, MS, 2015, PhD student, University of Rochester (adviser: Lillard)
Su Hyun Shin, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama (advisers: Montalto & Lillard)
Jiyeon Son, PhD, 2012, Senior Researcher at the Korea Consumer Agency (adviser: Hanna)
Anupama Sukhu, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire (advisers: Seo & Scharff)
Fan Wang, MS, 2015, Revenue Voyager Trainee in Marriott International (adviser: Kandampully)
Kenneth White, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia (adviser: Betz)
Mohan Yin, MS, 2015, Courtyard by Marriott
Hua Zan PhD, 2012, Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii (advisers: Scharff & Stafford)
Lishu (Lisa) Zhang, PhD, 2013, Accounting Faculty, ShenZhen University (adviser: Hanna)
Tingting (Christina) Zhang, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida (adviser: Kandampully)
Michael Ziccarelli (adviser: Hanna)