Sending Plant Samples for Diagnosis

Issues are always cropping up with our greenhouse crops – whether they be nutritional, disease, insect or cultural in nature!   In order to make informed decisions on how to manage and treat the issues at hand, proper diagnosis is essential.  Growers in Ohio can send plant and insect samples directly to the OSU C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.  The clinic website has detailed information on the best ways to prepare and send your samples to ensure they arrive in good condition for examination and possible testing.

General recommendations for greenhouse samples from the clinic include:

  • Samples should be fresh.
  • Samples should represent the early to middle stages of the problem.  A  completely dead and decaying sample cannot be reliably diagnosed.
  • Samples should be carefully packaged and shipped early in the week to avoid  weekend layovers during which the sample will deteriorate.
  • Be sure to include sample documentation and background information.  The  specimen form can be downloaded on the website.
  • Pictures of the problem in the field are always helpful.  The environmental  conditions of the plant can play an important role in the  diagnosis.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the clinic at :

Phone: 614-292-5006
Fax: 614-466-9754
web site: