Field Season Blues

Currently feeling the field season blues! Missing these amazing field assistants so much! Best crew you could ask for! #Uganda #fieldwork #FishSci

Water Across the World

It seems early but we’re already starting to plan our next field season in Uganda! With this we also need to start planning for our Water Across the World project where we work with students in rural Uganda and those in rural Ohio to connect them on issues of water quality in their respective communities. This year we have a group of undergraduate students helping us to expand and improve our project and we’re so excited to get back to Uganda and implement their ideas!

If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising efforts for Water Across the World, you can do so through this link:


Congratulations, Jenna!

Jenna Odegard successfully defended her MS thesis on Monday! Her thesis, co-supervised by Suzanne Gray and Lauren Pintor, focused on, The role of taxonomic and functional diversity in biotic resistance of non-native fish and invertebrates in coastal Lake Erie Wetlands. Jenna will be the first graduate student of the Gray Lab. Congratulations, Jenna!


Teacher workshop about water quality

IMG_3707This summer we held a workshop about the importance of water quality and water quality education for the teachers at St. Hildegard primary school where we engage students and teach them about water quality issues through our program called The Water Project. The teachers had so much fun and asked really great questions!

Our little friend

IMG_2819Just one of the many friends we made this summer while we were doing research in Uganda, Africa during summer 2016.

Missing the summer


We are kicking it into high gear for the new school year, but we definitely miss our field work and field assistants. Pictured are Kiberu Mutebi, Dr. Suzanne Gray, and Tiffany Atkinson (MS) during a sampling day at the Ndyabusole swamps in Uganda, Africa.

It’s defense season!

Come see our first two honors defense presentations next week! These event are open to the public so anyone can come watch!

The Relationship between Turbidity and Carotenoid-based Coloration of Centrarchid Fishes in Urban Streams – by Tiffany Atkinson on Monday, April 11th at 9:00 am in Kottman Hall 245.

Effects of Aquatic Habitat Degradation on Hybridization between Bluegill and Green Sunfish – By Jake Wittman on Thursday, April 14th at 4:00 pm in Kottman Hall 370.