In 2012, Financial Training began using the “flipped classroom” approach to learning,  meaning that basic information is available in the online classes. There are four online required (i.e., Core) courses for anyone who requests access to the Financials system. Additional training is organized by topic and/or  system role.

Once the online courses have been completed,  the participants come to a computer lab for an “experience session.” During this session, a facilitator summarizes the key points from the online courses and provides a packet of scenarios for participants to practice making entries. The facilitator is available for guidance and questions as the learners attempt to solve the scenarios. Finally, to obtain system access for certain roles, individuals must take a final assessment and attain a passing score.

In addition to the “flipped classroom” approach, FT provides instructor-led training on a variety of subjects for those individuals who learn better in a traditional classroom.

Below is a link to the prerequisites and lists of classes offered through OSU Financial Training:

Prerequisite, recommended and required financial courses by responsibility

If you’re still not sure what training is right for you, visit this site or take a look at our convenient table of recommended and required courses.

Courses exist in Buckeyelearn.

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