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Below is a list of FAQs specific to Financial Training. For a full list of previously asked and answered questions please visit the Office of the Controller’s FAQs page, the Business and Finance FAQs page, or feel free to email us at financialtraining@osu.edu.

Any technology questions can be directed to the Office of the CIO.

General Information 


What does Financial Training offer?

Financial Training offers a blended learning approach by providing online courses, instructor-led workshops and “Experience” sessions. The online courses offered through Carmen or BuckeyeLearn and the series of instructor-led workshops focus on the on the university’s fiscal procedures, covering university policies and procedures as well as how best to work with the offices that have central financial responsibility. The “Experience” sessions are facilitated and provide the opportunity for learners to practice how to complete journal entries, make deposits, create purchase orders, enter receipts, etc.


What does it cost to attend the Financial Training workshops?

The workshops are offered by the Controller’s Office as a service to the university community and are free of charge to your department. However, there is a cost to the university to provide this training. We often have people wait listed for our workshops, so if your schedule should change and you are unable to attend this training, please cancel your registration allowing another participant to be enrolled.


Who are the individuals who present the Financial Training workshops?

Volunteer presenters, along with Financial Training staff from the Office of Business and Finance, present the sequence of workshops. In addition, liaisons from areas such as the Office of Financial Services, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Student Life and the University Archivist make short presentations, answer questions for their respective areas, and serve as facilitators for the “Experience” sessions.


How do I arrange to have a workshop presented in our department or college?

Contact FinancialTraining@osu.edu or (614) 292-8411.


How do I apply to be a volunteer for the Financial Training workshops?

We always like to hear from knowledgeable individuals who are willing to assist. Please complete the volunteer agreement form found here. For presenters, we have a multi-step train-the-trainer program to help you get started. We need more than presenters!! We seek volunteers to participate in a focus groups or design sessions.


How do I contact the Financial Training and Documentation department?

Contact FinancialTraining@osu.edu or (614) 292-8411.


Workshop Content


How do I find out what is presented at each workshop?

Our Instructor-Led Workshop Descriptions shows the description and content of each workshop.


How do I find out which workshops I should attend and in what order?

Our Instructor-Led Workshop Descriptions and the combined curriculum both show the recommended sequence of online and workshops. Your college fiscal officer may be your best resource to determine your training needs.




Some workshops in the series have prerequisites. If I already know the material, do I still have to attend the prerequisite workshops?

Prior to attending any Financial Training workshop, you must complete the four online Core Courses available in Carmen. The instructor-led workshops are recommended but not required by Financial Training. However, your supervisor may require you to attend one or more of the instructor-led workshops. Please discuss omitting any prerequisites with your supervisor.




How do I find out how often a workshop is offered or the time and location of a workshop?

Check the BuckeyeLearn website for a complete schedule.


How do I register for a Financial Training workshop?

Financial Training uses a self registration method; use the BuckeyeLearn website to register for any instructor-led workshop.


If I am unable to attend the Financial Training workshop, am I required to cancel my registration?

Yes. We often have people waitlisted for our workshops, so if your schedule should change and you are unable to attend the training, please cancel your registration allowing another participant to be enrolled. To cancel your registration, simply go to the BuckeyeLearn. Note: Failure to cancel your registration within 24 hours prior to the workshop will result in a “no show” status on your transcript.


What should I do if the class I want to attend is full?

Be sure to register and get on the “wait list.” This enables Financial Training to determine the need to add an additional session if necessary.


Required Workshop


Are any of the Financial Training workshops required?

The Controller’s Office does not require you to attend the instructor-led courses. However, your college or department might require you to attend one or more of the workshops.


Required Online Courses


Are there any online courses that I need to take?

The four core online courses listed below are required as prerequisites before you are given access to the Financials system. The courses are available in Carmen:

  1. Business Expenditures
  2. Business Responsibilities
  3. Internal Controls
  4. Understand and Prevent Fraud


Certificates and Manuals


How do I qualify for a workshop certificate?

Each participant must attend the workshop in its entirety to be eligible to receive a workshop certificate. Certificates are distributed electronically by BuckeyeLearn after you complete the workshop.


How do I obtain a certificate of completion for the online Carmen courses?

After completing the online Carmen course, participants may download and print a proof of completion.


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