Job Aids

These are only a few of the job aids available to you. Please see the respective department’s website for additional information and job aids. Links for all Business Finance departments can be found on this page:


Debits & Credits Guide

The Debits and Credits Guide shows the various contexts in which debits and credits are used, and their meaning, based on the context. Debits and credits are used to make changes to, or state the amount of, items on a financial statement.

Standard Monthly Reports – Explanation of Fields

This reference guide shows each of the fields on the basic Standard Monthly General Ledger reports and describes what each field means.

Funds Typically Used by an Academic Department

This reference guide shows the type of funds an academic department most frequently uses and provides a basic explanation of how each type of fund operates.

Interpreting Your Balance Sheet

This guide shows the principal items you can expect to see on a Balance Sheet for a university fund and how to monitor them.


Entering an eRequest

Step by step instructions for using eRequests are available in ASSIST and require log-in with your name.# and password.

eRequest Log-in

The eRequest is an easy way for an employee to submit a request for products available from Stores. No prior knowledge of the university procurement process is necessary for completing this online, electronic form.

Asset Management Instructions

Instructions are available on the Asset Management website for:

  • Running a Report of Your Department’s Full List of Assets
  • Retiring a Non-Capitalized Asset
  • Updating Asset Information Online
  • How to Complete the Annual Self Audit (PIER Report)

Financial Services

Using your OSU Internet User Name (name.#) and password, you can download information about your Endowment Reports, Descriptions and Balances. You may also access the Endowment Transfer form, view the Financial Resources Manual and link to other banking information.