Core Courses

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The following four core courses are required as prerequisites when requesting access to the Financials system:

Business Responsibilities (online)
Describes stewardship, and what it means to be at a public institution. Includes The Ohio Ethics Law, conflicts of interest, public records, confidential information, internal controls and fund accounting.

This 20 minute course helps new employees understand and demonstrate that it is every employee’s responsibility to conduct themselves in an ethical manner that shows good stewardship of public funds.
Internal Controls  (online)
Explores what internal controls are, such as, the basic requirements, key concepts and who is responsible for internal controls.
Understand & Prevent Fraud  (online)
Answers questions regarding what is fraud, why do people commit fraud, how does fraud occur without detection, where does fraud occur, and who is responsible for fraud detection and prevention.
Business Expenditures  (online)
Covers general information about expenditures. Includes specifics about expenditures on alcohol, meals, entertainment, recruiting, employee recognition, professional dues/subscriptions, personal telephone use and control over expenditure of gifts.

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