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Hello Financial professionals,

If you recall, in July, we shared that any of our courses previously in Carmen now reside in BuckeyeLearn. We recently were able to leverage BuckeyeLearn capabilities to build in the pre-requisites for role-based training using curricula.

For example, a Travel Payment Requestor is required to take Travel Policy Training and eTravel Payment Requestor once they completed the core courses and institutional data policy. These are now found within a curriculum: eTravel: Travel Payment Requestor. If searching or browsing, the curriculum is notated by an icon of books. We added additional keyword – for example, one rule of thumb to follow when searching for travel classes or courses is to use the search term, “etravel”.

To complete the training:

  1. Select the curricula.
  2. Select the Request
  3. Select the Open Curriculum
  4. Select the View Details
  5. Scroll down to the individual course title.
  6. Select the Activate or Launch (If you activated the course previously, launch will display).

If you have any questions, please email Additional information is housed at

B&F core and BuckeyeLearn

Hello fiscal and financial community,

We wanted to take a few moments to update you on the status of Financial Training. While most of the team remains dedicated to the Enterprise Project, we continue to offer instructor-led workshops and experience sessions. Bob Goldasich leads these efforts as our Training and Development Specialist.

All of the online courses are housed in BuckeyeLearn. Recently these classes were moved into curricula based upon the security role the courses are connected to. Should you need assistance finding a course, you should be able to search by title, curriculum, or online learning.

Financial Onboarding, a general course for employees with financial or fiscal responsibilities, has been added to the B&F core curriculum. Anyone seeking access to OSU’s Financial systems will need to take each of the core courses.

For those individuals who historically took a core class, we are working with our BuckeyeLearn support group to carry over those records.

As we prepare for the transition’s that the Enterprise Project will bring, please contact if you have any questions about the programs we offer through Financial Training.

Thank you,

Dr. Sherry J. Smith, Director of Financial Training

Financial Training update

Hello colleagues,

We felt it was time to update you on the happenings in the Financial Training world. We hope you find the information useful.

  • The Carmen courses now reside in BuckeyeLearn. Please note these courses were not redesigned because of time constraints, they were simply converted to the new LMS. All courses will be redesigned in conjunction with the Enterprise Project. The next phase of the conversion project is to build in the pre-requisites that used to exist in Carmen.
  • With the completion of the BuckeyeLearn conversion, we are now working with the central BuckeyeLearn team to determine how to handle the Training Completion Report going forward. Much investigation will need to occur to determine if the return on investment of creating a new report is present as we consider that a new process will need to be developed for the Enterprise Project.
  • Carla Wood, Training and Development Specialist, will be moving onto the Enterprise Project full-time in August with the rest of Financial Training. Bob Goldasich has been hired to handle “steady state” Financial Training while the team is on the project. Bob begins July 10th. Bob will be in the Purchasing, Receiving, Stores, and Materials building (PRSM) near the innovation lab to ensure any day of training needs are handled.

We will continue to respond to any questions at

Thank you,

Dr. Sherry J. Smith, Director of Financial Training

Welcome to Financial Training, Carla!

We recently welcomed aboard Carla Wood, Financial Training’s newest Training and Development Specialist. Please join us in welcoming her to the team by getting to know her in the interview below!


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: I am a mom of 3, a grandma of 8, and a wife of one husband. I am a motorcycle rider (not a biker, a Motorcycle Enthusiast), and I love to sew and make designer teddy bears. I began my career in training at the State of Ohio Department of Development where I taught the states Quality Initiative, Microsoft classes, and several others. I then moved to The Ohio State University Marion campus to build an Access desktop database to track their training projects and I taught Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook classes.

Q: What interested you in working in the Financial Training department?

A: Teaching others is my passion. I love seeing the Ah-Ha moments when a student lights up when they have learned something new, like when I teach a Microsoft class and a student learns how to solve a problem they have had in the past.

Q: What are you hoping to bring to Financial Training?

A: I am hoping to share my passion for training and my focus on improving processes. And I hope to help the Financial Training office make buckeye Learn classes engaging which will result in a higher knowledge, skills, and abilities retention rate.

Q: What do you like to do for fun outside work?

A: I like riding motorcycles, camping, playing with my grandchildren, entertaining at my house, drinking wine, sewing, and playing with my new Shih Tzu puppy.

Historical Training and BuckeyeLearn

Hello Financial and Fiscal professionals,

It has been a busy nine months with the introduction of BuckeyeLearn learning management system (LMS), the retirement of the Pathlore LMS, the upcoming retirement of Carmen, and the Workday project.  As you are aware, we’ve been in the process of two major projects: 1) converting Carmen courses to be launched in BuckeyeLearn and 2) uploading historical financial training records into BuckeyeLearn for all active OSU employees.

  • Historical Records

We believe the bulk of the historical upload project is complete.  Please be aware that much of the process involved manual entry of training records in the past, so we do anticipate there will be errors. The good news is that we have the historical records from the OCIO and can data mine if you believe the records are inaccurate.  Should you believe there is an issue, email  Additionally, units will soon be asked to verify that individuals have the required training for their Financials’ security role. The current Training Completion report, does not include the data from BuckeyeLearn. We are working with the  BuckeyeLearn team and the OCIO reporting team to identify workarounds and/or to see about the feasbility of connecting the training in BuckeyeLearn to the Training Completion report.  We should know more soon.

To view completed training items in BuckeyeLearn, access your BuckeyeLearn Transcript (login with your name.n credentials if prompted), click on the Active drop-down and select Completed.


  • Carmen to BuckeyeLearn

We will continue to convert classes from Carmen to BuckeyeLearn. We ask for your patience as you may need to access both systems to ensure you have the required training. Each time a class is converted, announcements will be made in NewsLink, our u site blog, and Yammer. E-learning classes currently in BuckeyeLearn include Financial Onboarding, Payment Card Industry, Payment Card Industry Manager, and GLBA (Gramm Leech Bliley Act). You may take these new courses at the following the: BuckeyeLearn. Within the next few months we plan to launch P2P, Buck-IQ Financial/HR training, Identify Theft Red Flags, Federal Grants Management, and Business Responsibilities.

Information regarding required training, roles, our volunteers, our staff and additional resources are in our u site at: Please share this with your team and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Financial Training Team


Financial eLearning and/or digital stories now available in BuckeyeLearn!

Greetings Financial and Fiscal professionals,

Spring is upon us and we are rolling out some new learning. We are pleased to announce a new digital story–Financial Onboarding. This is a high-level overview targeted to University employees who have a financial or fiscal responsibility, though any individual may find it helpful to “understand” the inner workings of the University.  This class was built with the assistance of several of our University financial and fiscal staff; their insights were instrumental.

What else has been going on with Financial Training? Recently you may have taken the Payment Card Industry training to ensure compliance. We are also working on Gramm-Leach Bliley Act compliance training, converting the Buck-IQ Carmen online learning to BuckeyeLearn. We recently added a Buck-IQ experience session for Financials and continue to develop new Procure to Pay eLearning. It is a busy time!

Beginning July 1, 2016, we may reduce our offerings of instructor-led classes as many of our subject matter volunteers/experts are involved in the Workday Financials ERP project. We will revisit the semi-annual calendar, as needed, between now and ERP go-live to ensure we meet the needs of our learners.

Visit to enroll in the new eLearnings as well as instructor-led classes.

Thank you,

Sherry J. Smith

Financial Training

Welcome to Financial Training, Candace!

We recently welcomed aboard Candace Harris, Financial Training’s newest Technology Training Developer. Please join us in welcoming her to the team by getting to know her by the interview below!


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?

A: Well, I previously worked for the state of Ohio in the OAKS Financials Program Management Office. We provided support for five of the financial modules that the state uses in PeopleSoft, and my team was responsible for the training and support and then also the functional side of those different PeopleSoft modules that the state uses. So I have experience as far as the functional side of financials, and then the training side of things as well. I was with the state of Ohio for two and a half years before moving into this new position, and before I worked for the state of Ohio, I was with Alliance Data also in a training and documentation role there. So that’s my background as far as career wise.

And then on a more personal note, I graduated from Ohio State in 2007. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio all of my life. My degree is in anthropology which I know is not really related to financials, but I kind of found myself in the training field so I’m grateful for that.


Q: What are you hoping to bring to Financial Training?

A: As far as what I plan to bring to the Financial Training Department, I have experience in the financials as far as PeopleSoft and then also I have experience with documentation and instructor led facilitation as well. So I hope to bring my background in facilitation and documentation as well to the team and just my expertise in training in general.


Q: What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

A: Outside of work, I like to shop, I like to travel, and I like to  go to nice restaurants.


Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus?

A: I have to say my favorite restaurant in Columbus is J. Alexander’s. That’s probably my favorite. I’m excited they opened a location in Easton.

We are live!

Hello OSU professionals! Thanks to those of you who provided input regarding a “one stop shop” for financial training information. We attempted to merge and streamline information from the Financial Training website, the OCIO websites, and more into a single site.

We hope you find it helpful.  Please feel free to send us a note at if you have any additional suggestions.

Financial Training Team