We are live!

Hello OSU professionals! Thanks to those of you who provided input regarding a “one stop shop” for financial training information. We attempted to merge and streamline information from the Financial Training website, the OCIO websites, and more into a single site.

We hope you find it helpful.  Please feel free to send us a note at FinancialTraining@osu.edu if you have any additional suggestions.

Financial Training Team


4 thoughts on “We are live!

  1. I didn’t see anything on here about Buckeye Learn. I recently went to that site and saw that it is live, although the only financial sessions I saw listed were “events”, not “online” training. Could you put on this Financial Training site an overview of what training will be on Buckeye learn, and when it will be available?

    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for your note. You are correct. BuckeyeLearn currently houses the instructor-led workshops (it calls them events). The online learning is still in Carmen. Because of the differing systems, each online class has to be completely redesigned for BuckeyeLearn. We are currently working on a Fiscal Onboarding and Purchasing Overview to be available February 1st. Until all online classes are redesigned we will add the link to Carmen.
      Financial Training Team

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