10 Ways to Repurpose Content

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Why Recreate When You Can Repurpose?

Repurposing content allows you to take your best content and make it available to multiple audiences in a variety of formats.

1. Expand Individual Ideas From Previous Content

Take an existing blog post or factsheet and expand on individual ideas presented. A listicle (an article presented in the form of a numbered or bulleted list) lends itself especially well to expansion.

2. Develop an Electronic Slide Set

Use a service like SlideShare to create visually stunning slide sets from PowerPoints, Word documents, PDFs, or infographics. Slide sets can be embedded on websites and blogs and shared on social media for maximum impact.

3. Create an Infographic

Blog posts, factsheets, or journal articles that are particularly data heavy can be repurposed into infographics and shared on social media or websites. Use online tools like Canva or Piktochart to create your infographics.


4. Share Content on Social Media

Share your best content on social media including Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Since people use different social media platforms for different purposes, it’s important to compose unique messages for each platform. Find high quality and interesting images to accompany your posts and use online services like Canva to create content specific to each platform. Visit our blog post on royalty free images for image inspiration.

5. Send Electronic Newsletters

Use an online service like MailChimp to manage newsletter subscriptions and send your audience interesting content directly to their inbox. Be sure to include links to your most popular recent posts as well as content from other relevant sources and information about upcoming programs.

6. Create a Video Factsheet

Use a service like Camtasia Relay (free for all CFAES employees) to capture your voice and what’s happening on your screen to easily create video presentations that can be shared on social media and YouTube. You can also create short animated video clips with online services like Wideo (free and paid plans available). Check out the short Wideo I made about repurposing content!

7. Host a Webinar

Use a program like Carmen Connect to hose a webinar. Webinars allow you to expand on a topic and interact directly with your audience.

8. Host a Twitter Chat

­Create a unique and relevant #hashtag and host a Twitter chat with your audience. Choose a time and topic and invite people to participate in your Twitter chat by using your #hashtag. Encourage your audience to use a service like Twubs to curate content.

9. Repackage Content into an eBook or Guide

If you have multiple blog posts or factsheets revolving around a similar topic (e.g. sustainable gardening practices; canning vegetables; tips and tricks on managing finances), consider repackaging that similar content into a comprehensive peer-reviewed eBook or electronic guide.

10. Update and Republish Old Content

Consider updating and republishing your most popular content. This method of repurposing content works particularly well with topics that come up every year (e.g. maintaining a healthy weight around the holidays).

Be creative with how you repurpose and recycle your content!

Questions or comments? Email Danae or Jamie.

Announcing “First Friday Coffee Breaks” with an Ed Tech

The Ed Tech unit is very excited to announce a new “drop-in,” informal learning opportunity for OSU Extension professionals!


Beginning October 2nd, Jamie and/or Danae will be hosting virtual AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions via Carmen Connect. These “First Friday Coffee Breaks with an Ed Tech” will be held the first Friday of each month from 10:00am – 11:00am.

Colleagues are encouraged to join the Connect sessions as needed throughout the hour to ask questions, get recommendations, offer suggestions, ask for resources… anything! This will be a regular opportunity to informally connect with an Ed Tech and get real-time feedback.

Use This Link to Participate in each First Friday Coffee Break

Questions? Let us know in the comments below or send Jamie or Danae an email.


The eXtension #EdTechLN, One Year Later [Interactive Infographic]

The eXtension Educational Technology Learning Network is celebrating one year of learning, sharing, and collaboration this month. If you’re not familiar with the EdTechLN, it was funded and created by eXtension in 2014 to provide informal professional development, collaboration, and partnership opportunities focused on technology use in Extension programming, working differently, as well as fostering innovative ideas and concepts. While many individuals who engage with the EdTechLN are program staff, the Learning Network has attracted engagement from IT and Communications professionals, Extension Specialists, Faculty, and support staff; forming an ideal collaborative network that provides not just ideas and inspiration, but resources and support as well.

The EdTechLN is lead by Jamie Seger (Ohio State), Paul Hill (Utah State), Jerry Thomas (Ohio State), and Barbara Chamberlin (New Mexico State).

Anyone who is interested in the successful incorporation of technology into their work, or collaborating with like-minded Extension professionals are encouraged to participate in the EdTechLN! Some ways to get involved are described here. To date, Ohio leads the pack with more than 25 individuals engaging with the Learning Network in some fashion on a regular basis! The easiest way to get involved? Sign up to receive info and updates in your email inbox. And we hope to see you during the next TweetUp, they’re a lot of fun.

The infographic below is interactive, so by hovering your mouse over many of the charts and info boxes, you can see additional information. Click on hyperlinked images and text in the infographic to be taken to additional resources.


How Do You Want Your Ed Tech Info? [Survey]

We’re in the process of expanding our communication methods and want to hear from you! Use the one-question survey below to let us know how you would prefer to get Ed Tech related updates and information. Your feedback strengthens the Ed Tech unit, and makes it work better for you. Please provide your answer by September 18th. Thank you in advance for your help!

What Can an Ed Tech Do for Me?

Jamie and I are thrilled to be getting so many tech requests! From answering simple questions about best sources for royalty free music to providing more in depth analysis and coaching for projects like social media marketing strategies, the OSU Extension Ed Tech unit is multifaceted.

As a fairly new unit of Extension, some folks are unclear about how they can take advantage of the services we provide. We’d like to take some time to highlight our major responsibilities and ways in which our work can benefit you.


What We Do

Answering Questions

Just like any other Extension Specialist or Educator, Ed Techs are available to answer tech-related questions you may have. Whether determining the most appropriate web tools or app to use for a project or helping you identify the best camera to purchase, Ed Techs can help you navigate the world of educational technology.


Ed Techs are available for one-on-one or small group coaching on a variety of topics. We are also able to attend team meetings to discuss how you can strategically integrate technology into your marketing strategies and projects.


Throughout the year, Ed Techs offer workshops on topics of high priority. For example, this fall, we’re excited to offer four video creation workshops across the state. Workshops are offered based on areas of high need. We welcome suggestions for future offerings! Also look for the annual tech use and skill survey every January and provide your input.

Connecting You to Resources

If you have a technology question, but aren’t sure where to look for help, Ed Techs can help connect you to the best people or resources to get your questions answered. We have a vast network of CFAES and Ohio State-wide professionals and resources who can also help you.


One of the most exciting aspects of our work as Ed Techs involves bringing you the latest and greatest technology. Ed Techs spend time researching and testing new tech gadgets and software in order to determine how they can improve our reach and impact as Extension professionals.

Our primary goal as Ed Techs is to help Extension faculty and staff feel confident when integrating technology into programs and projects. We are happy to coach, teach, and advise you. Our role is not to create content for you, but rather to provide you with the necessary know-how and empowerment to create it yourself or with your team.