Intro to Microsoft Outlook Calendar [Video]

By now, you may have heard that it is preferred for Extension staff to begin utilizing Microsoft Outlook for their work calendars. Many people in the organization (like me) have been using Google calendar for years and are finding this transition a bit rough.

Below is a video primer on using Outlook Calendars, we’ll also have more information posted to the blog throughout this week on making the transition (or beginning from scratch) to Outlook calendars.

If you have already switched to Microsoft Office 2013, here is a video for that version of Outlook:

If you prefer a printed step-by-step guide, you may find NDSU’s Tips and Tricks for Outlook PDF Guide more useful orĀ Microsoft’s version.

Let us know in the comments what other questions, concerns, etc. you have about this change! You can also contact Don Ordaz with technical questions and issues.


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