New – CarmenConnect Office Hours

CarmenConnect Users  – Check It Out – Get your questions answered!!

Many of you are successfully using CarmenConnect for meetings and educational programming while others are experiencing some frustrations using the service.  Join Ken Kulka on February 3rd from 2-3:30 PM in his CarmenConnect room.

  •  ask a question about CarmenConnect
  • give a tip that you might know about or just listen in to see if there are some helpful hints that you can use

CarmenConnect Office Hours will be held monthly so if you can’t make it on Monday you can Ken  the next time.   

 Feb. 3, 2014
Time: 2-3:30 PM
Host: Ken Kulka
Audio Mode: VoIP only
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Buckeye Box – Can I share documents with non OSU email accounts?

Individuals who do not have an OSU email account will need to sign up for a box account first with their personal email and then OSU personnel may share a file with that email. Non OSU personnel can do so at the Log in screen which can be found at

From this point they will go to the the section  “Not part of The Ohio State University?”
Choose Log in using Box credentials or Sign up for an account

Buckeye Box – Help! I have multiple copies of same file.

Solution: Download Box Sync for your desktop

Box Sync uses what’s on the website as the starting point and puts any additional/edited content on a user’s desktop in a new “My Box Files [Backup]” folder. That way none of your users’ work is lost.  Once in your Box, click on the icon to the right of your name for a drop down menu and choose Get Box Sync.

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Webinars as a Teaching Tool = A Top Priority for 2014

Last Fall when we asked everyone in the organization to tell us what they needed to know about social media via an online survey, an additional need was heard loud and clear. Many are ready (and waiting) for training on how to best use webinars as a teaching tool. We’ve used webinars as a self-ed and professional development tool, but now this informal learning format is also offering our clients a convenient way to educate themselves as well – and we all need to be providing them information with this method. Many businesses and even government agencies (the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative for example, are already using Google Hangouts to inform and educate the public.)

One of the focuses for our Ed Tech group for 2014 will be developing training opportunities on how to best teach via webinars. But first some decisions need to be made, including which webinar tools we should focus on for training. Initial thoughts from our group include:

  • Carmen Connect (we realize many are not comfortable using CC as a teaching tool yet)
  • Google Hangouts On Air
  • Adobe Connect via eXtension

We need to hear from you! If you’ve used or participated in educational webinars (think = for our audiences: farmers, parents, youth, etc.) what tools seemed to work best? Which didn’t? Which tools would you prefer to learn how to use? What suggestions do you have for how we can best use these tools? An online discussion here will help drive our decisions and planning as we move forward with this year’s trainings.

~The Ed Tech Team

Facebook Has Changed its Newsfeed Algorithm…. Again.

According to many sources, including this one, Facebook has once again kept everyone on their toes by changing how they determine which posts actually show up in a person’s newsfeed. But there is actually a silver lining in the changes for Extension folks – Facebook has declared they will give more “credible” and “high quality content” posts the upper hand; meaning posts linking to blog links or news articles will win the battle over silly memes and over-shared photos (“Back to the Future” date pic anyone?!?). We’ll have to see how this plays out, but I think it definitely could help our cause instead of hurting us. Although promoted posts (i.e. paid-for ads) will always appear in a newsfeed more than any other post… and this has many beginning to think that Facebook is morphing into a giant commercial (but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Facebookers still do have somewhat of a say in what shows up in their newsfeed… as long as they’re willing to take some extra steps. Individuals will need to go to their favorite pages and make sure a box marked “Follow” is checked.


This will ensure the page’s posts (most of them anyway) show up in the newsfeed on a routine basis. If you are an administrator of a Facebook page, you should let your followers know that these settings have changed and prompt them to take the extra step to “Follow” your page. Like the example from a National Weather Service page, below:

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the newsfeed algorithm and how it’s impacting posts. Until then, how you noticed a difference in how many people your posts are reaching? How have you circumvented this issue in the past?