Don’t Miss the Barn Bonanza!

Join the Clermont County Agricultural Society for a Barn Bonanza this Saturday, March 23, from 8pm-1am.  The event is to raise money for the new poultry and rabbit barn.  Ron Fletcher and the Southern Edge Band will be playing at the event.  There will be a live and silent auction as well as split the pot and a gun raffle.  Tickets are $25 each or $40 per couple.

A limited number of tickets remain.  Contact (513)535-3966 or to get your tickets right away.


2019 Ohio Fairs Schedule Now Available

Ohioans can start planning visits to all of their favorite fairs across the state. The Ohio Department of Agriculture released the official dates for the 2019 fair season, which includes Ohio’s 94 county and independent fairs and the Ohio State Fair.

The Paulding County Fair will kick off the 2019 fair season on June 10, and the season will wrap up on Oct. 12 with the Fairfield County Fair. 

In addition to setting and approving the dates for the independent and county fairs, the department is responsible for helping to assure the safety of fair amusement rides, monitoring livestock shows to help assure honest competition and coordinating animal health efforts with local veterinarians.

Click here to view the 2019 Ohio Agricultural Fairs schedule.

4-H Photo Contest!

Share your 4-H photos in celebration of National 4-H Week October 7-13, 2018!  OSU Extension Clermont County is hosting a Facebook Photo Contest.  Share a different photo(s) each day of the week  with #Clermont4H for a chance to win fabulous prizes.

  • Monday – 4-H Families
  • Tuesday – Leadership
  • Wednesday – Projects
  • Thursday – 4-H Camp/Trips
  • Friday – Clermont County Fair

To qualify for prizes and to make it easier for our National 4-H Week Photo Contest judge, we will create a facebook thread for each theme/day. Post your pictures in the comments of the appropriate theme/day (posted daily) with #Clermont4H.

A winner will be chosen each day and winning photos will be on display at TSC Eastgate Saturday, October 13, for customers to vote on the grand prize winner! The grand prize winner will receive a prize package valued at more than $100!  Click Here to have a club presence at Tractor Supply on October 13!




Gather Your 4-H Photos

Share your 4-H photos in celebration of National 4-H Week October 7-13, 2018!  OSU Extension Clermont County is hosting a Facebook Photo Contest.  Share a different photo(s) each day of the week  with #Clermont4H for a chance to win fabulous prizes.  (More details to come)

  • Monday – 4-H Families
  • Tuesday – Leadership
  • Wednesday – Projects
  • Thursday – 4-H Camp/Trips
  • Friday – Clermont County Fair

Club Flower Pot Contest

Natorp’s is donating flowers for the Club Flower Pots again this year.  Flowers will be available for pick up during general project judging Tuesday, July 10, from 3-7pm and Thursday, July 12, from 3-7pm.  There is a limited supply, flowers will be distributed on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

Thank you Natorps!

Flower Display Drop-Off:
Thursday, July 19, from 3:00-7:00pm

Award Presentation: Monday, July 23, at 4:30pm in the 4-H Hall

General Rules:

  1. Clubs are responsible for watering and taking care of their flower displays throughout the week.
  2. Containers may be made of any material.
  3. Live plants or flowers must be planted inside the container. It is recommended that packing peanuts or an empty milk jug be placed in the bottom of the container then filled with soil to reduce weight.
  4. Containers must be easily moved. Containers will be displayed at the entryway of buildings and barns around the fairgrounds.
  5. Flower containers should be the work of club members.
  6. The club name must be visibly displayed on the flower container.
  7. The fair theme “The Bounty of the County” should be incorporated into the overall design.
  8. Flower containers must be turned in to the Extension Office between 3-7 pm Thursday, July 19.
  9. Flower containers will be judged on originality/creativity, overall design and incorporation of the fair theme. Awards will be given for 1-5 place as well as individual honors for the Most Creative, Most Colorful and Best 4-H Design. Flower displays turned in late will not be judged.           

2018 Fair Schedule Clarification

  • Fairbooks are available: OSU Extension, Ag Society Office and area businesses
    • Please make sure each 4-H/FFA family has one
    • Read the schedule and rules
    • Ask questions now, don’t wait until last minute. OSU Extension, Senior/Junior Fair and 4-H Volunteers will gladly help answer your question. 

Clarifications & Corrections noted from June 20, 2018 Junior Fairboard Meeting

Date Time Event
Sunday, July 15   1:30pm – 4pm Skill-a-thon (Livestock – Multi-purpose and Blue Ribbon; Nutrition and Clothing – 4-H Hall)
Wednesday, July 18   4pm – until?? Junior Fairboard work event
Thursday, July 19   5pm – 9pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Friday, July 20   5pm – 10pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Friday, July 20   6pm – 8pm Non-market goats arrive (pygmy, dairy, meat breeding, pack/harness)
Friday, July 20   6pm – 11pm Beef cattle, non-milking dairy cattle, market goats and lambs arrive and weigh-in
Saturday, July 21   7am – 9am Market chickens and market turkeys arrive
Saturday, July 21   9am – 11am Exhibition (fancy) poultry arrive
Saturday, July 21   11am – 1pm Exhibition, breeding and meat pen rabbits arrive
Saturday, July 21   1pm – 2pm 4-H Style Review
Saturday, July 21   2pm – 4pm 4-H Winners Circle
Saturday, July 21   5pm – 10pm Jr. Fairboard Office open for DUNF forms; MUST be turned in before crossing scales
Saturday, July 21   6pm – 11pm Hogs arrive and weigh-in
Sunday, July 22   10am Horses begin arriving
Monday July, 23   7am Horses must be in place
Wednesday, July 25   9am Dairy Goat Show


Become Clermont County’s 2017 Top Baker


Calling all youth ages 8 through 18 to use your baking skills to enter the Clermont County Fair’s Junior Division Bake-It Contest.  There are 3 divisions and 24 classes to to choose from to showcase your preparation skills.  Enter and become Clermont County’s “Top Baker”  Click here for the rules.



OSU Extension, Clermont County Master Gardener Volunteers presents “How to Win a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair”

What exactly are those judges looking for? What makes a tomato or flower win a blue ribbon? What makes a jar of pickles a blue ribbon jar of pickles, just ask Clara from the “Andy Griffith Show”? Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?

Join Kim Chamberland and Susan Givler, OSU Extension, Clermont County Master Gardener Volunteers, participants and former judges with Clermont County resident and participant, Betsy Anderson as they present on displaying your prize winning floral arrangements, horticulture crops, canned goods, and more. They plan to give you the tips, tricks, and secrets to providing your best display.

All are welcome to join these past participants, judges and blue ribbon winners on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7pm in the 4-H Hall of the Clermont County Fairgrounds (1000 Locust Street, Owensville OH), as they give some tips and share ideas on “How to Win a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair.”

There are more than just crops, flowers, and canned goods that can be shown during fair week, July 23-29, 2017, visit the Clermont County Fair website at  for additional information, schedules, registration and rules.

If you are not from Clermont County, you are welcome to attend but visit your local county Agricultural Society for more information about events being hosted during your county fair.

RSVP by clicking here or calling 513-732-7070.




Blue Ribbon and the Winner goes to…YOU!

The start of the county fair season in Ohio is just a few weeks away, Paulding County is the first Ohio fair and begins on June 12th and ending the season is Fairfield beginning October 8th. The county fair countdown begins as soon as the previous year’s fair ends. I know firsthand, my hometown has a rolling advertising sign with a daily countdown at the fairground entrance. The excitement, food, entertainment, youth displays and well, adult displays too!

Did you know that the Agricultural Societies were created for the purpose of communities to bring together farmers and homemakers to display their crops and wares? Of course, there is friendly competition but it was all based on agricultural achievement, recording of new agricultural methods and reporting those results to the State Board of Agriculture. You know, that stuff we call science and white papers to help improve our practices!

Not to long ago I watched an “Andy Griffith Show” re-run where Aunt Bee made her prized pickles to take to the county fair. Clara had been the blue ribbon winner for years and Aunt Bee was determined. She was so proud but everyone knew they were the worst tasting pickles around. But oh did they have fun watching the judging of the event. That is what it is all about, family, friends, and who canned the best pickles!

Each state has their own version of ag societies and how they recorded their outstanding production. From each state, then there is the county fair at the local level. Adults were the primary participants for many years and then youth started getting involved through 4-H and FFA projects. While our youth today seem to be the focus of our local county fairs, highlighting their agricultural achievements, record keeping and displaying their projects, (sounds familiar) I want you to think about what YOU, the adult, could participate in during your upcoming fair.

Do you have a talent for making jams and jellies, baking pies or cakes  , growing flowers, vegetables, fruits and grains? Maybe you like to preserve those vegetables and fruits.

How about sewing , needlepoint, rug making, painting, etc.

Are you an amateur wine or beer maker?

Do you like showing livestock? beef or dairy cattle, poultry, rabbits, horses, etc?

Adults can participate in the senior fair or adult portion of their local county fair, below is a short list in many categories.

  • open beef cattle show
  • bakery and pantry products
  • needle craft, art, ceramics and pottery
  • flower and horticulture
  • grains, vegetables, herbs and seeds
  • poultry
  • Grange
  • rabbits
  • wine making
  • open horse show
  • photography
  • quilting
  • antiques

Each county has their own set of rules and guidelines for participation in said events. Sometimes you can cross county lines and participate in more than one county! Visit your local county agriculture society to find out more information on the projects and events, rules and guidelines for participation.


“And the blue ribbon and the winner goes to YOU!”