Register TODAY for the 4-H Cloverbot Challenge

The 4-H Cloverbot Challenge is a statewide event designed just for our youngest 4-H’ers. Teams work together to research a topic, build a model out of interlocking bricks and create a poster highlighting their experience. On June 29, the teams will come together at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center to share their work, visit with one another, participate in kid-friendly activities, and celebrate their efforts with a closing celebration and award ceremony.

Register your Cloverbot team by May 1.  Teams may have a minimum of two members, but no more than eight, and are coached by an adult team leader. Details and registration information can be found at

Questions? Contact Beth Boomershine at or Sally McClaskey at

In search of the 2019 Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador

Changes are in the Air! In 2019, this program will referred to as the Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador Program, the person selected will serve as an ambassador for the industry throughout their year of reign at numerous promotional events and activities around the state.

Selection takes place at the Ohio State Fair. Contestants will attend an interview and answer an impromptu question from a panel of judges at the conclusion of the Ohio State Fair Guys and Gals lead competition. The selection of the ambassador is based on personality, presentation, poise and knowledge of the Ohio Sheep, Lamb and Wool industry.

Please note: this contest has been opened up to both male and female contestants.

Contestants are encouraged to participate in the Ohio State Fair Guys and Gals Lead competition and we encourage all youth between the ages of 17-22 who are involved in the industry to consider applying for this position. This is a tremendous opportunity to build a wealth of knowledge of the Ohio sheep, lamb and wool industry, expand communication skills, and network within Ohio agriculture.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the 2019-2020 Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador, please download the application by visiting . All applications must be postmarked to the Ohio State Fair by June 20, 2019.

If you would like more information on the Ohio Lamb and Wool Ambassador contest or would like the 2018-19 Ohio Lamb and Wool Queen Kait Stillion to make an appearance at your local event, please contact Kristin Reese at 614-582-3208 or localfarmmom@gmail.

Google Doc Application Available here:



Expand Your Family’s Horizons by Hosting a Japanese Youth This Summer!

4-H Families:

Looking for some new fun and excitement this summer? Host a boy or girl from Japan in your home for 3½ weeks! (July 24 to Aug. 18) The Ohio 4-H International Program is offering hosting opportunities to families who have boys or girls aged 10-15, and Japanese youth on the other side of the world are anxiously waiting to learn who their new family might be! The focus is on everyday family life. Special trips and activities are not required. Medical insurance is provided.

What’s Involved with Hosting?

Learn more about Hosting

Host Family Frequently-Asked-Questions

Who are the Japanese Youth? Scroll below for a representative list of youth needing host families (these are not actual youth coming in 2019). They have a wide variety of interests!

What are some ideas for the Homestay? Hosting is Easy and Fun!

Click here for more information!

How to Apply: Visit Application Form to complete an application which includes references, background check and in-home interview.

Contact: If interested, please act soon! We are making host family assignments as soon as possible. Please reply to this email (Mary Lynn Thalheimer at

Deadline: Applications are accepted until all youth are placed. The earlier the better, but please contact us regardless of when you receive this email.

(Please share this message with others who may be interested in this exciting summer program.)


Representative List of Japanese BOYS

Boy – age 12. Likes sports, soccer, running, kendo (Japanese fencing), camping, swimming, tennis, cooking, music and piano. Describes himself as curious, sensitive, cheerful, patient, talkative, sociable, tolerant, and diligent and laughs a lot. Favorite subjects: science and P.E. “I hope to have several siblings. I want to play soccer with my host brother and his friends.”

Boy – age 13. Likes handicrafts (especially wood-working), cooking (making sweets), soccer, swimming, camping, music, singing and traveling. Describes himself as tidy, curious, sensitive, sociable and laughs a lot. Favorite subjects: math science, music, technique and homemaking. “My goal for the homestay is communication with my host family, and helping them and cooking for them.”

Boy – age 14. Likes sports, camping, swimming, fishing, skiing, ping-pong, comics and animation. Describes himself as sociable, diligent, talkative and laughs a lot. Favorite subject: Social Sciences. “It’s nice to meet you! Let’s have fun together!”

Representative List of Japanese GIRLS:

Girl – age 12. Likes sports, camping, swimming, volleyball, playing with friends, cooking, singing, music, piano and dancing.  Describes herself as sociable, cheerful, talkative and laughs a lot. Favorite subject: P.E. “I’d like to teach Japanese cooking and learn American cooking. I’d like to see big American nature and the horizon. I’d like to experience horse-riding.”

Girl – age 13. Likes astronomical observations and taking photos of the sky. Also loves music (especially Disney!), camping, swimming, photography and clarinet. Describes herself as tidy, sociable and talkative. Favorite subject: science. “My goals are to never forget to say thank you, to smile, and to be a broad-minded person.”

Girl – age 14. Likes animals very much, especially big animals such as horses, cows and pigs. Also enjoys swimming, camping, singing and reading. Describes herself as tolerant, curious and sociable. Favorite subject: Japanese.  “I want to have friends in another country. I want to take care of many animals!”

Learn about other cultures without leaving home through Ohio 4-H!

Drug Abuse Prevention Toolkit Training

Join OSU Extension Clermont County and Coalition for a Drug-Free Clermont County for Generation Rx Drug Abuse Prevention Training. The event will be held Tuesday, April 30, beginning at 5:30pm at the Clermont County Fair Grounds.  Admission is FREE and includes dinner, but reservations are required.  RSVP to Mary Wolff at or 513-735-8143.

The mission of Generation Rx is to educate people of all ages about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications. In doing so, we strive to enhance medication safety among our youth, college students, other adults in our communities, and seniors. Prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm – especially when misused.


If you exhibit at the Ohio State Fair and meet the scholarship eligibility requirements, don’t miss out on this scholarship opportunity!

In an effort to recognize outstanding Ohio youth and to help those interested in furthering their education, the Ohio Expositions Commission has established a scholarship program. The purpose of these scholarships is to assist high school juniors and seniors (2018-2019) and graduates who are continuing their education at an accredited institution in an undergraduate course of study in any field.

Available scholarships include seven Endowment Fund scholarships; (3) Jr. Fair Beef Cattle, (3) Jr. Fair Swine, and (3) Jr. Fair Sheep Exhibitor scholarships, (2) Jr. Fair Poultry, (2) Jr. Fair Dairy Cattle Exhibitor and (2) Jr. Fair Horse Exhibitor scholarships; (1) Jr. Fair Dairy Goat, (1) Jr. Fair Boer Goat, (1) Jr. Fair Rabbit, and (1) Jr. Fair Dog Exhibitor scholarship; and (3) Jr. Fair Exhibits & Activities scholarships. All of the scholarships offered are $1,000 each, except for the Governor James A. Rhodes Junior Fair Endowment Fund Scholarship which is $1,500.

Scholarships will be awarded to junior exhibitors during the Ohio State Fair. Applicants will be judged on scholastic standing, citizenship and leadership, Ohio State Fair participation, county fair participation, and financial need. Completed applications must be postmarked by April 15, 2019.

Scholarship information and the application can be found at

Food and Fashion Board Trip to New York

The Tuscarawas County Food and Fashion Board is traveling to New York City June 20 – 23, 2019.

They’ve had several travelers back out due to unavoidable situations. Thus, leaving 3 seats open on the trip.

The cost of the trip is $775. They need to make final payment to the trip company by April 15. The trip includes a Broadway play (Kiss Me Kate), a dinner cruise at the Statue of Liberty, a full day fashion district tour, a cultural food tour, a NYC step-on tour including visiting the Top of the Rock. The price of the trip includes the charter bus and tour guide for the duration of the trip, lodging, all but 2 meals (one on the way there and one during our free time in the fashion district), all tours, the Broadway tickets, and a security guard at the hotel.

First come, first served. Both youth and adults are welcome. Youth 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information, contact Christine Kendle, FCS Extension Educator, Tuscarawas County at 330-339-2337  or


Rabbit Fun Show Raffle

 The Clermont County Rabbit Fun Show Committee is currently accepting raffle donations.

Individuals and clubs are asked to drop off donations of any kind to the Extension Office by or before April 22.

The raffle will take place during the Rabbit Fun Show on Sunday, April 28, at the Clermont County Fairgrounds. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the new Poultry & Rabbit Barn.

Contact Brenda Bayne at 513-780-4434 with any questions.

Ohio 4-H Dog Expo

Ohio 4-H Dog Expo, April 27, Clark County Fairgrounds

Registration postmark deadline: April 15


What is Ohio 4-H Dog Expo? Dog Expo is an opportunity for 4-H members (AND their dogs) to learn skills to help them be more successful with their 4-H dog projects. Teamwork between the 4-H member and their dog is emphasized throughout the sessions. Dog Expo is open to all 4-H dog project members and their dogs, whether this is their first year or they have been taking dogs for several years. Experienced 4-H dog volunteers and resource people will be present to help 4-H members. Dog project members are welcome to attend at no cost if they are not bringing a dog. Dog advisors are welcome to attend without dogs at no cost.

When is Ohio 4-H Dog Expo? Dog Expo will be on Saturday, April 27 from 9:00am-2:30pm.

Where will Ohio 4-H Dog Expo be held? Dog Expo will be held at the Clark County Fairgrounds, 4401 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield, OH 45505. There will be several buildings devoted to the different sessions. Registration will be in the Youth Building.

What is the cost? 4-H’ers can come for half a day or all day. It will cost each 4-H’er $10.00 to participate for half a day, and $20.00 to participate for a full day’s worth of sessions with their dogs. You MUST pre-register. There are NO same-day registrations. We will NOT accept walk-ins. ONLY the 4-H member may bring their dog. Puppies under 6 months old are not allowed. Other dogs are not permitted on the grounds. Advisors can attend for free, as well as parents and siblings. Advisors and 4-H members attending without dogs need not pre-register.

When is Registration due? Registrations must be postmarked by Monday, April 15. You must send your money along with the registration form to the address at the bottom of the form. You can download the information and registration form at by clicking on the link corresponding to the April 15 and April 27 dates.

Who should I contact? For general questions, please contact either Lucinda Miller, Extension Specialist, 4-H, at, 614.292.7453, or Jennifer Newell, State 4-H Dog Advisory Committee at Registrations must be sent to Jennifer Newell (address on registration form) by the postmark deadline.


Time to Get Moving!

During the winter months, it can be hard to get enough physical activity in, especially when it’s cold and icy!  But now, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the days are getting warmer.  Spring is finally here, summer is right around the corner and we can finally head outdoors and get moving!

How much physical activity is enough?  30 minutes, 45 minutes, 2 hours?  The recommended amount can vary.  For children, it is recommended that they get 60 minutes a day.  For adults, it is recommended that we get 2 ½ hours a week!  Those numbers may seem like a lot to do at once, but don’t worry, we can spread that time out throughout our day and week.

Choose activities that you enjoy by getting the whole family involved.  Enjoy a walk after dinner or a bike ride to the park.  Replace your coffee break at work with a brisk walk around the office.  Take a yoga class, shoot some hoops or walk the dog.  Clean the house or plant and care for a garden.  Join a wellness challenge or start one of your own!  Get up and dance, who says exercise has to be boring!

Don’t let a physical limitation get in your way of exercise.  There are many activities that can be adapted to our abilities.  Check out for ideas and more information.

Both nutrition and physical activity work together to increase our chances of living longer, sleeping better at night, having strong muscles and bones and lowering our risk of heart disease and diabetes.  When we add a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy, we can help our bodies stay even healthier!

If you’re like me, you may need a little push to get started, especially after a cold winter!  OSU Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences, is offering a FREE Wellness Challenge to help us jump start our spring!  To join the “Live Simply, Live Well: Refresh Your Wellness This Spring,” sign up at:

If you would like more information on living a healthy lifestyle, check out the website  For more information on our upcoming class, “Dining with Diabetes,” please contact Margaret Jenkins at

Now, let’s get moving and make it a part of our everyday routine!


Perennial School is April 11 – See who’s speaking!

Dr. Gary Gao – “Herbaceous Perennials – The Inspiration for it All” 

Dr. Gary Gao started his horticulture extension career with OSU Extension in Clermont County as a horticulture extension agent/educator in August 14, 1993.  Back then, perennials were relatively new to the general public.  Most gardeners were more interested in trees, shrubs and annual flowers.  However, gardening experts and advanced gardeners were quite hungry for information on herbaceous perennials.  Gary thought it would be good to stat a program on perennials.  He was hoping for 30-50 people for the first Perennial School.  Little did he know, the program drew more 95 registrations!  He had to turn away more than 20 due to the fire code for the classroom.  Several years later, the program grew a lot and drew a record attendance of 280, which was again limited by the fire code of that meeting facility.  Gary transferred to OSU Extension in Delaware County in 2006, and then OSU South Centers in Piketon in 2011 as an associate professor and extension specialist for berry crops.  Please join Gary for an informative session on how Southwest Ohio Perennial Flower got started and what his favorite perennials are.

Dr. Gao started the Southwest Ohio Perennial School in 1994

Cory Christopher – “Lest Our Children Forget: Invasive plants, Native Habitat, and our Shifting Baseline”

Cory Christopher serves as the Director and Suzanne E. & Phillip O. Geier Chair of the Center for Conservation at the Cincinnati Nature Center. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Ecology from the University of Georgia and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Cincinnati, where he studied the impacts of invasive plants on native systems. His post-doctoral work at Washington University in St. Louis focused on the restoration of longleaf pine savannas in the SE United States. His professional interests lie at the intersection of education and conservation, with a particular focus on helping people embrace the native biodiversity in their back yards.

Steve Ferris – “GARDEN ROSES….The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!”

B.S. Landscape Horticulture, OSU, 1970; 25 years as a Wholesale Sales Rep for large Garden Rose Growers: Armstrong Roses, Weeks Roses, Certified Roses, and Jackson and Perkins Roses
Currently serves on the panel of Judges at The Biltmore International Rose Trials, Ashville, NC
(Rose Gardening experience in his own “Garden of Death and Destruction!”)

Jim McCormac – “Ohio Birds and Biodiversity”

I am a lifelong Ohioan who has made a study of natural history since the age of eight or so – longer than I can remember! A fascination with birds has grown into an amazement with all of nature, and an insatiable curiosity to learn more. One of my major ambitions is to get more people interested in nature. The more of us who care, the more likely that our natural world will survive.

Chris Daeger  “You are a gardener, therefore you are an artist”

Horticulturally active since 1963, professionally since 1980, Chris Daeger has had experiences in greenhouse work, floral arranging, “bone orchard” grounds maintenance, landscape designing and installation, and growing all sorts of weird and unusual trees and shrubs.  He is the retired manager – director of the Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum (where he began in 1983), and the owner of B.C. Nursery (established in 1980).  And does anyone really care about all the educational experiences and the memberships of all the horticultural organizations?  Naw, I doubt it.