Year in Review

This is an image from a Biological Sciences Scholars Study Session. This session allows students in the Biological Sciences Scholars program that live in Barrett House to study in a group environment with those they live with to provide a greater sense of community while also improving academic achievements in the participants.


Service Engagement
Scholars students are expected to engage in service to the community. I have been engaged in service engagement through a nonprofit organization called Guardians Advocating child Safety and Protection (GASP). This organization creates identification kits for children containing written identification and allergen information, fingerprints, facial profile photos, DNA samples, and a vocal recording of the child to give to the police in the event that the child goes missing for any reason.


Leadership Development
Scholars students are expected to develop leadership skills that can be demonstrated in a variety of contexts. I have been engaged in leadership skills though my job as an OA working the front desk of the Houston-Houck dorm complex, and through my participation in HOBY (described in the artifacts section).

About Me

Hello!  My name is Rachel. I am a biology premed student in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University. I have always enjoyed english courses and in high school I fell in love with biology. My goals include getting a student internship position in the James Cancer Research Center, graduating with a bachelors degree and eventually completing medical school. My career goal is to be an oncologist contributing to the study and eventually cure of cancer. I am a very dedicated person, and face challenges head on. I am an avid reader of Shakespeare, although my favorite genre of literature is fantasy/adventure fiction. Two  of my favorite pastimes are skiing in the winter, and relaxing in my hammock in the summer.