Ohio State scholars are leaders in their fields in studies of electoral processes, judicial and legislative institutions and influences, campaign finance practices and regulations, and other areas of research on American political institutions and processes. Building upon these existing strengths, Democracy Studies supports research at Ohio State through seed-grant funding for projects relevant to our mission.

Seed Grant Funding

To support the continuous scholarly examination of American democracy’s norms, procedures, and institutions at The Ohio State University, Democracy Studies provides funding, in the form of seed grants, to Ohio State faculty and students.

The research the program supports is varied, and may be empirical, quantitative, qualitative, normative, historical, or philosophical in nature, consistent with the interdisciplinary focus of Democracy Studies. Research also demonstrates the possibility for additional external funding, based on the commitment of OSU scholars to long-term investigations in the area of research. Read about previously funded projects:

2017 Seed Grants   2016 Seed Grants   2015 Seed Grants    2014 Seed Grants   2013 Seed Grants


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