Women in American Democracy Conference Agenda & Schedule

8:30 am Registration

9:00 am Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Daphne Meimaridis, The Ohio State University
Jan Box-Steffensmeier, The Ohio State University


9:15 am Historical Overview of Women’s Contributions to the Development of American Democracy

The history of women’s contributions to American democracy is rich and extensive — and complicated. Panelists will discuss the relationships between the two from the founding era and the first-wave feminist movement leading up to the passage of the 19th Amendment, and then dive deeper into the role of 20th Century women who pushed to extend the economic democracy of the New Deal to include women, the impact of gender on American legal history, and increasing awareness of the history of women in American democracy.
Paula Baker (Moderator and Presenter), The Ohio State University
Susan Hartmann, The Ohio State University
Felice Batlan, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology


10:45 am  Break


11:00 am Women in Elected Office: Stories from Ohio

Panelists, who are women elected officials who have run campaigns in Ohio and serve or have served in office, will talk about their experiences in political office, campaigning, being a woman leader in government, and the challenges and opportunities women face as they continue to influence the transformation of American democracy into the future. Veteran political news reporter Karen Kasler will facilitate.
Karen Kasler (Moderator), Ohio Statehouse News Bureau
Honorable Laurel A. Beatty, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas
Rep. Cheryl Grossman (HD-23), Ohio House of Representatives
Rep. Greta Johnson, (HD-35), Ohio House of Representatives
Betty Montgomery, Ohio State Auditor (2003-2007), Ohio Attorney General (1995-2003)


12:15 pm  Lunch


1:30 pm Mobilizing Women of Color in Electoral Politics: Shifting from Voters to Candidates?

Panelists will discuss “gender gap” politics and what we gain by understanding the racial dimensions of the gender gap, asking important questions. What does the participation rates among women of color mean for democratic inclusion? How are political operatives reaching out to women of color–as voters, as potential candidates? Are women of color being mobilized in 2016 and by whom? Is the emphasis on increasing voter turnout in key states? Are we seeing broader visions for mobilizing women of color as candidates? Are we seeing mobilization efforts to move women of color from voters to running for political office?
Wendy Smooth (Moderator and Presenter), The Ohio State University
Christina Bejarano, University of Kansas
Glynda C. Carr, Higher Heights
Dan Tokaji, The Ohio State University
Carrie Davis, Ohio League of Women Voters


3:00 pm Break


3:15 pm Gender Dynamics of the Campaign Trail: Stereotypes, Messages, & Communication
Panelists will focus broadly on gender in campaigns, discussing how women are expected to present as candidates, how gender is negotiated in communication strategies, how the public perceives gender as a factor in political abilities, and on the critical question of party support for women candidates. Panelists will also discuss directly the role of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in shaping reactions to women candidates and how her bid(s) for the presidency are shaping the future for women in American politics.
Jill Bystydzienski (Moderator), The Ohio State University
Kelly Dittmar, Rutgers University, Center for American Women and Politics at the Eagleton Institute of Politics
Kathleen A. Dolan, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dianne Bystrom, Iowa State University
Kristina Horn Sheeler, Indiana University


4:45 pm Conference Ends


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