2013 Seed Grants

To support the study of American democracy, Democracy Studies periodically funds seed grants for individual research projects.  In 2013, Democracy Studies awarded grants to the following research projects:


Alison Craig, Dino Christenson, and Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Department of Political Science

Professors Craig, Christenson, and Box-Steffensmeier took a new a approach to examining the role that interest groups play in the U.S. House of Representatives. Using a unique new dataset consisting of electronic “Dear Colleague” letters sent between Members of Congress, they identified the interest groups who have endorsed legislation and determined the impact of those endorsements at several stages in the legislative process.

Vladimir Kogan, Zachary Peskowitz, and  Stephane Lavertu, Department of Political Science and John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Professors Kogan and Peskowitz created a new dataset of Ohio local school board and levy election outcomes for the years 1999-2013, merged with academic achievement data compiled by OSU’s Ohio Education Research Center. They have written several papers from the data and have launched a website featuring their research.

Michael Neblo and William Minozzi, Department of Political Science

Professors Neblo and Minozzi studied “deliberative democracy” in the unfolding context of the debate over immigration reform. They identified six key clusters of deliberative activity surrounding the issue.


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