Technical Assistance

Third Round of Training and Technical Assistance Request for Proposals Released

The Ohio Department of Health is again pleased to make accreditation-related training and/or technical assistance available to those Ohio LHDs that recently participated in the Ohio Profile and Public Health Accreditation Readiness Assessment. Please view the guidance document before submitting a request.

A few key points worth noting are:

  • This is the third “round” of requests. Some changes have been made to this round based on Round 1 and 2 experiences and responses. Namely, collaborative requests will not receive preference, and requests that reach agencies previously not receiving support will receive preference.
  • The deadline for requests in this round is December 1, 2017.
  • Requests will be accepted via electronic survey, and the link is included in the guidance document listed above.
  • Selected LHDs will not receive funds directly, rather they will receive support at no cost to them.
  • CPHP staff, or a subcontractor, where appropriate, are providers of this service.
  • A Frequently Asked Question list has been created with tips for proposal submission.

Other information detailed in the guidance document includes: deadlines, approved training and technical assistance categories, application instructions, review criteria, anticipated award dates, and request submission instructions.

Training and Technical Assistance Overview

No-cost training and/or TA are available to Ohio LHDs that participated in the Local Health Department Profile and Accreditation Readiness Assessment in the fall of 2016. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis during open call periods. Requests must be aligned with one of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Addressing PHAB prerequisite documentation requirements not currently met. (accredited and non-accredited agencies eligible)
  • Category 2: Supporting implementation of an LHD’s work plan toward achieving accreditation. (non-accredited agencies eligible)
  • Category 3: Completing accreditation readiness activities and strengthen the public health infrastructure. (accredited and non-accredited agencies eligible)See additional information and guidance, including detail about the approved training and technical assistance categories, application instructions, and review criteria.

Questions should be directed to Wally Burden (Deputy Director, Office of Public Health Policy and Planning) at the Ohio Department of Health: (614) 644-7619 or